City Council approves pay request for Enterprise Drive, approves purchase of mower

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The Chatfield City Council approved a pay request and heard an update on the progress of Enterprise Drive during its mid-month meeting last Monday evening.

New city engineer Matt Mohs came before the councilors to request approval of a pay estimate for work being completed on Enterprise Drive, the former Industrial Drive on Chatfield’s southeast corner, at a cost of $137,641.55.

He cited that gravel work and concrete sidewalk and paving has been underway on the street constructed to lead to the future business lots.

Public works

City Maintenance Foreman Brian Burkholder approached the council with a request to replace the city’s large lawnmower — one with a six-foot mowing deck — with another large-deck mower because of some recent issues and also because the city keeps a four-year rotation schedule.

He explained that the mower the city would be trading in would garner a value of approximately $11,300, meaning the cost of the new mower would be $15,686 on a government bid — as opposed to a state bid, which would be more expensive. The councilors voted in favor.


Committee reports included Mike Urban telling about how the public works committee had spoken about a potential subdivision in Chatfield, that there is a possibility that the city will eventually further develop parts of Enterprise Drive, and that the wastewater treatment plant is operating in compliance with environmental requirements.

Mayor Russ Smith reported that he appreciated the discussion held during the June committee of the whole (COW) meeting regarding the 2019 Highway 52 resurfacing project that will also encompass some sidewalk, parking and lighting changes in downtown Chatfield.

He commented on the councilors’ and city employees’ input as related to the project’s design process. “Thank you for the discussion at the committee of the whole meeting. It was good to get your input for the department of transportation…they’ve been reasonable about letting us get some of what we want for our downtown.”

City Clerk Joel Young reminded councilors during his report that there is an upcoming League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) conference in St. Cloud from June 20 to 22 and that they could choose to attend.

Councilors’ reports included a statement from Councilor Pam Bluhm, who pointed out to the rest of the council and the gallery that there have been colorful murals added to the north end of the Chatfield Center for the Arts (CCA).

Finally, Deputy City Clerk Beth Carlson informed the council that she has election judge and filing information for the upcoming council elections. Filing is open from July 31 to Aug. 14.

The consent agenda included approving a $2,000 payment to Bluff Country Hiking Club for trail maintenance, a court data services agreement with the state of Minnesota and the Olmsted County maintenance agreement.