Color Run honors Spring Grove Athletic Director, teacher

Jordan Gerard/SGH Kids run through a cloud of colored chalk at the Color Run on Wednesday, May 30. They enjoyed getting blasted with color, with some even stopping at the stations to get more color. The rain held off just as kids finished the laps, though many went back to school drenched.
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Jordan Gerard

Spring Grove Elementary School held their first ever Color Run to honor teacher and Athletic Director Shelly Anderson, a favorite teacher and coach, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Elementary teacher Sarah Tollefsrud organized the event with support of other teachers and Principal Nancy Gulbranson.

“We want to encourage kids to be active during the summer,” Tollefsrud said at the event. “We wish Mrs. Anderson the best, always.”

It was a fun way to kick off summer and encourage kids to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Middle Ages Student Council wanted to sell T-shirts for the event that promoted a healthy lifestyle and honored Anderson at the same time. They raised about $1,200 for Anderson and her family.

The shirts say “Color Me Healthy and Happy, A Color Run to Honor Mrs. A.” 

“She wanted to be about being healthy,” Tollefsrud said. “If you build a consistent habit of being active and getting out there doing stuff, you’re more prone to continue that kind of lifestyle.”

Grades K-3 ran the perimeter of the football and baseball field, while grades 4-6 took a mile-long route from the field, through Roverud Park and back again.

All was well with the run even with the threat of thunderstorms. Kids enjoyed getting splashed with colored chalk by the Junior Olympic (J.O.) Volleyball team. By the time students made one lap around the field, most were covered head to toe in color.

Parents and younger children were also welcome to run or walk the routes.

The rain came just as kids were finishing up their last lap. They went back to class drenched, but happy and colorful.

Benefits of exercise and activity come into play when kids are exposed to it regularly. In addition to the color run, grades 4 to 6 also played four rounds of kickball and did a basketball hoop shoot — students shot baskets for 30 seconds in one spot on the court and then switched to another spot.

She thanked teachers, school administration and staff for helping put the event together, the Spring Grove Lions for using leftover colored chalk, Kwik Trip for bananas, Red’s IGA for bottled water, Chris Strinmoen for opening the concession stand, Tanya Elton and Cindy Thorson for helping in the stand and Jessica Sherburne for setting up cones and signs on the routes.