Combination of factors contributes to birthday health scare

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Thanks everyone for the well-wishes on my birthday. 2018 will be a birthday that I won’t forget for a while. At least I hope I don’t! Though I appreciated all the “Happy Birthdays,” I had a bit of a medical scare, and want to pass along what I hope I learned from my experience.

I think my scare experience is age-appropriate, health-appropriate and weather-appropriate. I’m sure you’re well aware that the temperature and humidity have been rather high in recent days. You’re also probably well aware that we’re moving and packing, lifting and hauling totes and boxes is part of the moving scene. And you may, or may not know, that a few years ago I had by-pass surgery on my heart. Another part of the mix, my recent birthday moved me another year closer to 75 (one to go). I also want you to know I’m not looking for sympathy as I’m describing my scare, but hopefully, passing along some things not to do when you’re someone like me (age, health) and what to do, whether you’re 74, 4, or 34.

If you throw all of the situations into a blender you could mix up a concoction that isn’t really healthy. Well I did, and it happened. Not to the point where I had to go to the emergency room, but to the point that caused a bit of unrest in the household.

I should have slowed down, tried to get some assistance for moving (or a cart), not lift so much and hydrated myself a whole lot more than I did. I’m extremely happy that I had my wife handy!

I still have to get my pickup unloaded, so will try to put everything I learned from my 2018 birthday experience into practice at the next stop.

College World Series

The 2018 College World Series (CWS) is over (no thanks to the weather) and Oregon State is your champion for the third time in school history. They beat Arkansas, 5-0, in game three. The Razorbacks were looking for their first crown in NCAA baseball. Freshman pitcher Kevin Abel threw a two-hit shutout, the best pitching performance in the history of the College World Series, which began back in 1947. He, and the Oregon State defense, retired the last 20 players he faced. Abel also became the first pitcher in history to go 4-0 in the CWS.

Adley Rutschman (Oregon catcher) was named the Most Outstanding Player in the tournament. He had 17 hits in the series, setting a new World Series record. He also had 13 runs-batted-in, tied for second on the CWS record books. Rutschman was one of five Oregon State players named to the CWS all-tournament team. Also making the all-tournament team was Trevor Larnach (Oregon State). Larnach was the first pick (20th overall) for the Minnesota Twins in the most recent college draft. I believe he had 15 hits in the series, which would have tied the old record. Five players from Arkansas and one player from Mississippi State also made the all-tournament team.

Do you have any idea how many times the Minnesota Gophers have been College World Series champions? Since I’m not getting any responses to my quizzes I’ll tell you; three times, 1964, 1960 and 1956. Here’s a question I’ll let you answer. Who was the coach for those three teams? It was the same coach for all three championships.

A fish tale

Did you get a chance to read our publisher’s, David Phillips’, article on fishing? I’m not a fisherman, but I do get on the water every once in a while. Here’s a fish story that I encountered.

Several years ago I was at a summer workshop (computers, I believe) at Bemidji State University. My uncle, LeRoy, lived in Bemidji and had a cabin on a small lake near Bemidji. It was only a three-day workshop so I talked him into letting me and my family stay at the cabin.

To make a long story short, I was fishing off the dock and caught a pretty nice-looking walleye, I think. Could have been a Northern? Any way. I got pretty excited when I caught the fish, jumping up and down, screaming, etc. I got the fish out of the water and ran up to the cabin to show everyone. They were more astonished than excited!

With one fish in the bag I decided to try for more. When I came out of the cabin and walked down to the dock there must have been 15 boats, with fishermen inside them, just off the dock. They heard me screaming and decided to share in my good fortune. Needless to say, not another fish was caught, by me, or any of the other fishermen. With all the attraction I got from my yelling and screaming, I thought I was re-living a Johnsonville brat commercial.

Another good one        

There was another good article in all of the Phillips Publishing newspapers (June 27, Chatfield News), ‘For many, advanced dementia a fate worse than death’, by Kim Callinan. Callinan is the chief executive officer for the Portland-based Compassion and Choices, the largest national organization devoted exclusively to patient-driven, end-of-life care.

In my opinion it is a very good article and something I’ve been advocating most of my adult life. Especially after my father spent four years in a nursing home suffering from advanced dementia (perhaps Alzheimer’s). I hope you get a chance to check it out.

Going forward

I believe a decision has been made regarding my writing of sports articles, covering Chatfield, Kingsland and Fillmore Central. I’m giving up the Kingsland sports scene, but will continue with my writing for Chatfield and Fillmore Central. I’m looking forward to continuing with the Gophers and Falcons and Wolves, too. I hope you are too.

More likely than not, I’ll probably be continuing with the WEB articles too.

Coming up

And speaking of high schools, next week I’ll get into the Post Bulletin area baseball and softball teams. I’ll also be reporting on the all-state teams as chosen by the High School Coaches Association.

Last week I supplied you with 22 college/universities and 22 nicknames. You were to match them up and send me your answers. Winner was going to get a can of Coke. Never heard from anyone, so I get to keep the Coke, but here are the answers.

 Here goes. There are 22 colleges/universities, in alphabetical order, and 22 nicknames. There is a match for each. Colleges/university: U of Arkansas (Razorbacks), Cal State-Fullerton (Titans), Campbell University, N.C. (Fighting Camels), Columbia University, N.Y. (Lions), Dallas Baptist (Patriots), U of Florida (Gators), Jacksonville Univ., Fla. (Dolphins), Kent State Univ., Ohio (Golden Flashes), Long Island University, Brooklyn (Blackbirds), Univ. of Louisville (Cardinals), Missouri State Univ., Springfield (Bears), Morehead State, Kentucky (Eagles), Northeastern Univ., Boston (Huskies), Oral Roberts Univ., Tulsa (Golden Eagles), Oregon State Univ. (Beavers), Samford Univ., Birmingham, Ala. (Bulldogs), St. John’s Univ., New York (Red Storm), St. Louis University (Billikins), Stanford Univ.,California (Cardinal), U of Texas (Longhorns), University of North Carolina-Wilmington (Seahawks), and Wright State, Ohio (Raiders).

I’ll also be getting you the Legion baseball tournament pairings, if they are out. I’m thinking Thursday, July 12, is the last scheduled regular season game. Tournament looks like it gets started on Monday, July 16. If the pairings are ready, I’ll get them to you.

That’s going to do it for me. I want to get a shout-out to all the “shakers” and friends at JW’s (which includes you, Joe). Hasta luego. Have a great week, one day at a time. Hope you had a great Fourth of July and that you still have all your fingers left. Thanks, Melissa, and to all the sponsors. Hey to the Great 8 and my wife, Carol, you are the greatest! Easy does it! WEB