County Board hears of DNR property donation

Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

Fillmore County’s Board of Commissioners held a very brief Nov. 5 meeting, opening with a presentation by Brandon Schad of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regarding a donation of property to the DNR Beaver Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Schad appeared before the commissioners only to inform them of the donation as his was the first of several reports to the board.

Kevin Olson, of Social Services, brought forward the 2020-2021 biennial plan for services between Fillmore County and the Minnesota Department of Human Services. 

Also, human resources officer Kristina Kohn informed the board of the resignation of jailer Greg Melartin, effective Oct. 29.  The board expressed its appreciation for his three-and-a-half years of service to the county.        

In one other matter, county coordinator Bobbie Vickerman noted that while the agenda included an item regarding the county’s AS400 auditor’s software and support, that item was removed from the agenda because another vendor had offered a quote for services.

“We do have another company that’s interested, and I do believe it’s in our best interest to give it some attention,” Vickerman stated. “Avenue is the host software company for CAMA (computer aided mass appraisal).” 

She also cited that replacement computers for the county’s various departments are all being prepared so that they can be “switched out quickly with less staff downtime,” and that mapping software chosen for the general information systems (GIS) will soon be ready for use. 

Commissioner Mitch Lentz thanked Vickerman for taking the responsibility of coordinating the county’s software updates so that it expedites the process.       

The consent agenda included approving the minutes of the Oct. 22 board meeting.