CRV Council discusses lift station upgrade, water tower inspection

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In a brief meeting on Sept. 4, the City of Rushford Village Council breezed through an agenda that dealt with current construction projects and addressed some future concerns.

Lift station dialer

Tom Kopperud, of Norman’s Electric Service (NES) addressed the council regarding potential upgrades to help the city monitor its well/lift station.

NES had submitted a bid to the council for upgrading the city’s SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system in 2012, which would update the basic communication and infrastructure for the well/lift system. That bid included: replacing the well and lift station with Ethernet-ready PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controller; install radio modems at well, lift station and City Hall; and design, startup and documentation. The cost for this project is $10.850.

From this basic upgrade the NES bid included three options:

Option one: Install RSView software on city computer to monitor system that would include NES pro- viding programming to display basic monitoring of system and alarms. This option would cost $3,600. Option two: Install new Panelview 6 at well, which would allow monitoring of the system from City Hall and provide e-mail notification for alarms. This option would cost $7,800.

Option Three: Install new Compact Logix PLV and Panelview 6 at well. This option would allow monitoring of the system from City Hall, and provide e-mail notification of alarms. It would also allow all flow totalizing to be read at any location and provide a robust control system for future needs. Cost: $12,800.

Kopperud noted that these numbers were six years old, “which is a lifetime ago in terms of technology,” he said. “I’d like to be able to design a new quote with the latest and greatest [items] included.” Kopperud noted that, like computers, greater capabilities are now available at a reduced cost.

Mayor Gordon Johnson noted, “while it’s clear we have to take things to the next level, costs may prevent us from doing something [more] economical until the next budget cycle.” After discussing some current needs and options, Kopperud said he would look into updated numbers for the project and report back to the council.

Water tower inspection/repair

With the city’s water tower due for inspection, the city examined a bid from KLM Engineering to examine the tower using a camera, for $2,700. Public Works Supervisor Travis Scheck noted that well inspection is recommended every 3-5 years, 
a cycle that allows problems to be identified, and problems corrected, in a timely manner. Scheck said that current cameras take clear photos of the well without draining the tank and can even measure sediment levels at the bottom, as well as other potential problems. Councilor Mike Ebner moved to hire KLM to complete the inspection, and the motion carried.

Other business

In other matters, the council:

• Renewed its lease agreement with Featherstone Farms for rental of property within the city limits.

• Heard the Benson Lane project would begin in late September or early October.

• Accepted a bid of $2,500 to complete work on the water diversion (lip) that exists on Main Street.


The next meeting of the City of Rushford Village Council will be held Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 7 p.m.