CRV supports local governance, discusses road conditions

By : 
Matthew Rodenburg

On a rainy Tuesday night, the City of Rushford Village hosted their first meeting for the month of May.
After the initial zoning report, much of the remaining conversation focused on discussion concerning the Public Works Department and a resolution approved by the board concerning the League of Minnesota Cities.
Local governance
The League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) drafted a resolution asking townships across Southeast Minnesota for support in asking for more freedom in decision making on a local level concerning the MN Futures Pilot Project.
According to information provided by the LMC, “the pilot will work with 1-3 communities or community clusters selected from Southeastern/South Central Minnesota communities to demonstrate the value of Greater Minnesota Futures work in creating efforts to strengthen small, rural communities and position them for a 21st century future. The pilot will document the value added by this work and develop a replicable model to annually serve two to four Greater Minnesota communities.”
The intention is to keep decision making on a local level and to establish guidelines for the cities stating as much.
Mayor Gordon Johnson relayed the presentation made by a member of the LMC and noted that, previously, an attempt like this has been made before.
“What had happened had kind of backfired and the whole thing has been taken out of their hand,” Johnson said. “This has been tried and what had happened is that they lost the ability to have local control.”
Now, after a process of retooling, the LMC has a new resolution to present, but is asking for the backing of the CRV, among other municipalities. “They’ve actually come a long way with this,” added Johnson.
The CRV Council unanimously approved the resolution.
Roads and Sewer
Public Works Supervisor Travis Scheck also gave a report on the current condition of the roads as the council had finished up a tour of the roads and road conditions that evening. With the recent purchase of a new grader, Scheck has begun work on Ridgeview Road with a little work being done on Tower Ridge as well.
As Scheck and his department prepare for the new season, the roadside ditches will need to be reclaimed and there is a stronger need for this on Ridgeview, especially as the CRV has already fielded at least one resident’s concern for debris in the ditches.
(Ridgeview) is one of the roads that we’ve looked at, it just needs (the) time put in to clean it up,” said Scheck.
With the report, Johnson also made a note of the Public Works Department’s desire to stay on top of minor issues that are fixable before becoming bigger issues. One way that they have done this recently is installing a whiteboard at the CRV’s shop where employees will communicate issues that they were made aware of or unable to take care of on their own and another one of the workers will help to complete it.
The CRV will host their next scheduled meeting on May 15 at the CRV Hall at 7 p.m. All members of the public are invited to attend.