Dairy Queen lot history brings up many questions

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As we continue our review of former service stations in Spring Valley, how about the Hi-Way Cafe and the Standard Oil Station on the lot where the Dairy Queen is today? The Hi-Way Cafe was owned at one time by Cliff and Julia Gunderson, according to the calendar that was produced in 2005 for the sesquicentennial by the historical society.  Other owners or renters included Bill and Alice Govier, Johnny and Yvonne Long, Katherine Horsman Bundy, Phoebe and "Besty" Besterfeldt.  Eddie Iverson operated the service station in the 1960s.  
There are NO stories about the service station... I do remember going in the cafe when it was owned by the Gundersons. For some reason, it was a place that stayed open after the basketball games.  But we are talking a LONG time ago.
According to notes, Sam Fowler constructed the station about 1958 -- that would make the site 60 years old!  Cannot believe it has been that long...I remember going to Mrs. Rafferty's place often -- she and my grandmother Steffens were good friends.  We had her couch from the front porch as a prized possession in our living room!  She always had a cookie jar in her buffet - with good sugar cookies that I was welcome to help myself.  
A list of questions, and who to answer them?
1) When did the Fowlers buy the land from Mrs. Rafferty -- the only reference I have noted: 1958.  Or sell it?
2) Who originally owned the Dairy Queen? I vaguely remember other owners.
3) Who lived upstairs at the cafe? Curtains indicate that someone lived there.
4) For the service station: where were the storage tanks located? Behind or underground?  
5) How many times did the Standard Oil station appear in Spring Valley?  It seems there are at least two in the calendar.
6) Who can give me a history on this? I suspect the Fowlers can give me a pretty solid history, but so far I have not been able to contact them. I await some history! 
And what is going on with present history?  Lots of interesting stories floating around...
Got a call from Joan Kujath the other day...she had a box of some kind that was addressed to the Crossroads D-X at 221 North Section -- that would be Fowlers for sure!  And it had the zip code, so somewhere in time that had been instituted...And Sam was going by the D-X Crossroads service station.  Hmmmmm....
More later!