Deputies Association names DeGeorge as choice for sheriff

Open Forum

In July the Fillmore County Deputies Association voted to endorse Captain John DeGeorge by a 92 percent majority. The association represents full-time employees of the office. The process used was fair and equitable based on association bylaws. Each candidate was presented with the same questions and given equal opportunity to speak. 

The association published the results. Even though Sheriff Kaase's public media response was to disparage employees, we would like to proceed in a positive manner. Many employees have chosen to make their careers and raise their families in Fillmore County even though other opportunities have presented themselves. They are proud of where they work. 

As employees we strive for our department to move forward in a competent and positive manner. This is why 92 percent feels that Captain John DeGeorge is the best choice for sheriff. Most of us have spent our careers working with John. He has continuously proven himself to be an unselfish skilled leader, with the department’s and citizens’ best interests at heart.

Captain John DeGeorge represents the ethics we would like to see reflected by our department. We invite you to attend the upcoming candidates forum in Spring Valley on Oct. 4 as well as any additional forums.

Jesse Grabau

Phil Whitacre

Fillmore County Deputies Association