Deputies union strongly supports sheriff candidate

Captain John DeGeorge
By : 
Bluff Country Newspaper Group

The members of Law Enforcements Labor Services (LELS) Local #85, comprised of Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office deputies, jailers and dispatchers, has endorsed Captain John DeGeorge for the candidacy of Fillmore County sheriff. 

“With an overwhelming vote of 92 percent of our union membership favoring Captain John DeGeorge, it is clear where we stand on the current climate, issues, and desired future direction of our office. We believe Captain DeGeorge is the best candidate to serve the law enforcement needs of Fillmore County and its residents,” wrote deputy Samantha Keasling on behalf of LELS Local #85 in a letter released to media and DeGeorge on Aug. 7.

DeGeorge is facing Sheriff Tom Kaase, who was first elected four years ago, in the November election. A forum was held on July 17, giving both candidates the opportunity to address the union. The candidates gave statements followed by answers to the same set of questions. The forum was recorded for union members who were not able to attend so they could review the audio before casting their votes.  

“I am honored to have received this endorsement from the deputies association after a thorough and fair process required by union bylaws was followed,” said DeGeorge. “I believe that this is an important part of the campaign process and allows the employees of the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office to have their voices heard. I look forward to moving ahead through Election Day with the support of the Fillmore County Deputies Association.”

Keasling noted in the announcement that his endorsement “is important to us and one that was not taken lightly.” She added that not only did the group want to take the opportunity to publicly support him, “but also to congratulate him on securing, with overwhelming results, our trust and our endorsement. Also, we would like to thank the citizens of Fillmore County for your continued support of our union.”