Eliminating wasteful spending top priority in legislative survey

After hearing from hundreds of residents, State Rep. Greg Davids, R-Preston, is releasing the results of a District 28B legislative questionnaire he distributed earlier this year.  

“It’s always good to hear from our neighbors, not only on how they feel about issues being faced at the Capitol but issues important to them,” Davids said. “Constituent input is crucial as we approach the final days of session.”

When asked what their top priority was this year, 32 percent said eliminating wasteful government spending; 19 percent chose passing tax relief for middle class families; 17 percent want to fix roads and bridges; 15 percent selected addressing MNSure’s problems and working to lower health care costs; six percent want to pass K-12 education reforms and another six percent would like to increase environmental protections; and four percent prioritize growing more good-paying jobs.

Describing their attitude towards MNsure: 55 percent say it hasn’t worked; shut it down and return to the system we had before Obamacare; 33 percent feel it needs further work but we should work on improving it instead of replacing it with the old system or a single-payer system; seven percent believe it doesn’t go far enough, we should scrap it and have the government pay for all health care; and four percent say it had some startup problems but it’s generally working now.

When asked the best way for state government to help create more good-paying jobs in Minnesota: 50 percent of respondents want to cut taxes, allowing Minnesota to better compete with neighboring states for new businesses and business expansion; 34 percent would reduce regulations that are obstacles to business; and 16 percent want to approve a significant capital investment bill that would fund statewide construction projects.

In addition, 94 percent think able-bodied people on the government-funded Medical Assistance program should be required to work in order to obtain benefits, and 83 percent oppose letting people who are in this country illegally to qualify for a Minnesota driver’s license.

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my survey,” Rep. Davids concluded.