EPA needs to allow E15 ethanol sales year-round

Open Forum

To the editor:

 According to the United States Department of Agriculture, farm income has decreased by 46 percent over the last five years. This is extremely troubling to the people of my district. However, increased markets for homegrown biofuels could help reverse that trend. 

In the fall of 2018, President Trump vowed to deregulate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow the year-round sale of E15 ethanol across the nation. Currently E15 is not sold in some places during the summer months. The president's vow came from bipartisan advocacy efforts as people from both sides of the aisle benefit from year-round E15.

Minnesota is a top producer of corn-based ethanol in the country. Minnesota has also been a leader in the consumption of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly biofuels. E15 ethanol is one of those biofuels that can offer people cheaper options at the pump while burning cleaner. By purchasing crops and manufacturing ethanol, Minnesota’s biofuel plants help raise the value of Minnesota crops, thus bolstering the statewide economy for farmers.

However, since President Trump’s announcement, the EPA has not followed through. Deregulation needs to happen before summer for Minnesota farmers to feel its full economic effect. This is an urgent matter in our state, and we need to see deregulation of E15 in Washington as soon as possible.

Rep. Greg Davids,

Minnesota House District 28B