Families invited to meet local firefighters, learn about equipment during open house

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It’s an event well suited to the littlest sparks.

“This is good for the little tiny kids, the ones who would be scared,” stated Chatfield firefighter Chris Musty.

He also noted how, when suited up in firefighting gear, the department’s brave men and women might look rather frightening to preschoolers and young elementary children when encountering the firemen in an emergency. So, the department has chosen to hold an open house on Thursday, Oct. 11, at the Chatfield fire hall.

The open house is being held instead of the firefighters’ traditional talent show that was held for well over a decade but discontinued a couple years ago. Also, it’s being held instead of the department bringing a fire truck and equipment to the elementary school to show each class what a fire truck has in it and what a firefighter wears when venturing into a call.

Musty elaborated, “There will be the smoke house from Lewiston and a water spray house that we’ll put on the sidewalk. There’s going to be a live demonstration of a car extrication, and there’ll be truck tours, we’ll show off the equipment and do demonstrations. When we went to the school, we gave a tour of one truck, and the kids didn’t get to see everything. This way, all the fire guys can be there and put everything on, and the kids can try everything on. It was also hard for the guys to take time off work to do that, and this way, they can demo anything anybody wants them to at the fire hall.”

He added that holding the open house gives parents a chance to come along with their children. “And this way, parents can come, too — they can bring the kids and see what they get to do. That’s also why we switched it — for bigger attendance. We’d like to have as many people as possible. It’s good for the little kids who get scared of us, and it’s good to have everyone come and explore. We’ll have hot chocolate and cookies for everyone that stops by.”

The Chatfield firefighters will host their annual open house on Thursday, Oct. 11, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Chatfield fire hall on Main Street. For more information, log onto the city website and navigate to the fire department’s information.