Is favoring reparations really seeking influence?

A Renewed Right internet article really has me wondering, stymied, regarding our elected officials, our leaders who have the interest of the citizens of the United States in mind, in the forefront of all of their actions, thoughts, words and deeds. “… U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced her support for reparations during her presidential campaign….  Reparations, of course, refer to the process of handing huge sums of money to African-American citizens in an attempt to right the historical wrong of slavery — all paid for by American taxpayersLeft-wing economist Robert Browne estimates that each African-American citizen of the United States should receive $142,000 in taxpayer funds.”  (Italicization of reparation is mine)

That idea might just have some merit.  All of the African-American citizens who had family members who were slaves during the dates of 1800 and 1865 will be paid in Confederate currency.  Perhaps all of those whose family members were slaves during the time of the Roman Empire should be able to collect their money in aes signatum from Italy, do you so not think?

According to Sen. Warren’s campaign article, reparation is an attempt to right a wrong.  With a little pondering and erudite cogitation, could one conclude that Sen. Warren is using the reparation idea to buy or influence African-American votes?  Do you come to the same conclusion or is it just me and my perverted mind?


Dale Schunke

Tucson, Arizona