Former co-worker supports DeGeorge

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I support Captain John DeGeorge for Fillmore County sheriff.

As a recently retired police chief of Fountain/Ostrander and a part-time Fillmore County deputy of 20 years, I worked closely with Captain DeGeorge. I have great respect and confidence supporting Captain DeGeorge for sheriff.

Operating two police departments many times I relied on Captain DeGeorge for advice and assistance. He has great knowledge, a wide range of expertise, professionalism, integrity, transparency and is willing to assist.

Captain DeGeorge has strong family values. He is a life-long Fillmore County resident.  

Captain DeGeorge has worked his entire law enforcement career in Fillmore County as a police officer, Fillmore County deputy, Fillmore County undercover narcotics investigator, Fillmore County patrol sergeant, and currently a captain.

Captain DeGeorge has had offers with several larger law enforcement agencies for greater pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement and has turned those down because he is committed to serving the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office and all residents of Fillmore County.  He is young and if elected for sheriff he could be your sheriff for many years.

Captain DeGeorge is highly respected in the Fillmore County Sheriff’s agency, other law enforcement agencies, and by residents in Fillmore County.   He has great enthusiasm, great involvement, confidence, integrity, trust and great leadership.  Captain DeGeorge understands the needs of the Sheriff’s Office and the community from a law enforcement perspective.

Please consider Captain John DeGeorge for Fillmore County sheriff on November 6th, 2018. 

Tom Mosher


Fountain/Ostrander Police Chief

Part-time Fillmore County Deputy