Former member returning to School Board to fill vacancy until general election this fall

F. Mike Tuohy was appointed to fill the School Board vacancy created when Jerry Chase resigned earlier this year.
By : 
Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy
Chatfield News

“I am happy to serve again because our churches and schools are the most important part of our young citizens’ lives, which is the responsibility of the adults in our community. I want to do my part,” stated F. Mike Tuohy.

Tuohy is returning to the Chatfield School Board to fill the vacancy left by longtime board member Jerry Chase following his resignation late last year,

Tuohy was chosen by the current members of the board to replace Chase until the general elections this fall because he had experience and could easily take on the tasks that being a School Board member requires.

He agreed with their decision, saying, “I thought the short-term opening would keep the learning cycle shorter for the board. Fall elections will give the community an opportunity to choose a new board member.”

Tuohy is a lifelong Chatfield resident who served on the board several years ago when his grandchildren were in upper elementary and high school.

“I was born and raised here. My CHS class graduated 65 years ago. All four of my children graduated here. My two sons followed my work path at Tuohy Furniture and my two daughters live out of state. Once I retired, I only stop at Tuohy to pick up my mail, say hello, and answer questions when asked,” he highlighted. “We should train the next generations and let them make their own accomplishments. I have three grandchildren graduating this spring from CHS, and the other five have graduated from college. My wife, Gina, and I enjoy traveling, boating and the country life — I live just south of town in the country, where we enjoy the wildlife and raising bees.”

He added that he is active in the community. “I am still on the Center for the Arts, CEDA, Chosen Valley Community Foundation and F&M boards, and now the School Board as well. It is important to give back to the community where we live,” Tuohy said.

He feels the present board members can teach him about “the current goals and problems we are addressing” and foresees some challenges in the work ahead.

“As always, funding, professional staffing and the constant changes in education are some important issues facing the district right now,” Tuohy said. “We have the buildings complete, and now we must support our staff to assure each student can succeed to the best of their ability. I hope to help the board keep the programs we have and help our administration and teachers to accomplish the highest goals. Our job is to listen to where we are and give counsel to where we want to go in the future. The reward is seeing our students succeed.”

He advised, in conclusion, “Anyone who is interested in the School Board should attend the meetings to learn before running so they can enjoy their tour of duty. I’m looking forward to another opportunity to give back to our community.”