Fountain City Council addresses zoning questions

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Bluff Country Newspaper Group

The Fountain City Council met on Wednesday, Dec. 5, for the last meeting of 2018 and to discuss some zoning questions.

Council Member Jim Schott shared the question of if the owner of the empty lot across from the former Willie’s Grocery building would be able to put up a shed there. The shed would be a workshop, but not meant to be a business. The issue, however, is the lot is zoned as a commercial area. The council recommended if the owner were to put up a shed, it would stay in line with the other buildings, particularly the front of the building. Schott stated he would set up a zoning meeting for the proposal.

Another request was submitted about building a shed on First Street. The person inquiring wanted to know how the council felt about the possibility before beginning the process of applying for a conditional use permit. This area, it was noted, is in a residential area, and the council stated the shed should be sided and look like it would fit in with the houses in the area. A zoning meeting will also be set up for this request. Both proposals will require public hearings before the requests can be approved.

Schott also informed the council that the former Willie’s Grocery building is being sold. He stated the realtor said it would be easier to sell the building if there is an apartment in the back of the building. The problem with this rests on the area being zoned commercial and the city ordinance does not allow an apartment in a commercial building. After inquiring how the council members felt, the council resolved to keep the area as commercial area and the building be sold as is.

Other business

The wastewater treatment plant agreement with Valley Design and the city is getting closer to completion. The city was to have met with the engineer later on in the week following the council meeting. Another meeting was in the works for the city, the engineer and Valley Design.

The council approved a renewal request for a Sunday off-sale liquor license from Huey’s Liquor. City Clerk Rhonda Flattum pointed out the city has liquor licenses coming due at all different times of the year. She did some research with other cities and found they have their licenses on a fiscal year schedule. She stated she would like to get started with everyone being on a fiscal year from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, prorating the fees to get them to come in line with the fiscal year.

The fire department final budget was approved with a $40,000 adjustment to purchase a new pickup to use as a grass rig. The council also approved the city’s final budget.

Finally, Flattum shared there is a new state law that requires cities to designate a polling place, regardless if it is an election year or not. Thus the council designated the Fillmore County Courthouse as its polling place for 2019.