Fourth annual thespian induction brings in new group of inductees

Jordan Gerard

The fourth annual International Thespian Society induction took place on Tuesday, May 28, and it welcomed a new group of young thespians who have a passion for theatre.

English/drama teacher Megan Miller gave the welcome, and said the ceremony was to honor and recognize the achievements of a core group of students who have formed Spring Grove High School’s theatre department.

Since Miller began teaching five years ago and students began taking a larger interest in theatre, the department has grown to include a musical, play, one act, improv, speech competitions and state thespian festivals altogether to provide opportunities for students.

“Some students have been in all of the productions, or found their niche to excel in. Others have been in as many shows as possible and others have discovered a new passion in their later years. All have shown remarkable development,” Miller said. 

New inductees who earned the rank of thespians are Gavin Thorson, Danica Holty, Ashlyn Hammel and Marah Mathison.

Three inductees earned the rank of thespian lus two stars (for every 10 points, members earn a star, which is equivalent to about 100 hours in theatre work or two productions) and they are Wyatt Spier, Tiffany Michels and Hailey Borreson.

For students who were inducted in previous years, they also earned new ranks.

Kennedy Bornholt, Abbie Towne and Alex Deters earned the rank of thespian plus two stars.

Katie Lamm and Jacine Johanningmeier earned the rank of thespians plus three stars.

Brody Christiansen earned the rank of thespian plus four stars.

Finally, when members earn more than five stars, they become honor thespians. This year, Olivia Mendez earned that rank.

After honor thespian, they can earn even more stars, so senior Emily Guberud earned honor thespian plus three stars, while seniors Rhiannon Skauge and Ashton Towne earned honor thespian plus four stars.

Students enjoyed a potluck supper, followed by more silly, but well earned drama awards such as Best Romantic Male (Ty Cleven) and Best Romanitc Female (Rhiannon Skauge in her role as Hope in “Anything Goes”) and Best Stage Hair (Josh Newgaard), Best Serious Moment (ending of “Radium Girls”), Best Off-Stage Rant (Ashton Towne) and more.

About the Society

Officers of Troupe #8326 are President Rhiannon Skuage, Vice President Ashton Towne, Secretary Olivia Mendez and Treasurer Brody Christiansen.

In order to earn points and stars, the requirement could be met by doing anything theatrically related such as stage manager, acting, costumes, set construction, lighting, directing or assistant directing. Different roles have a different amount of points.

The number of points accumulated add up to different honors. The first honor is a one-star thespian, then two-, three- and four-star thespian. 

After four stars, a student becomes a one-star honor thespian and so on. A total of 180 points can be achieved, which would translate to a 17-star thespian, or International Honor Thespian, according to their website.

They can earn additional recognition if they maintain a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher.