Free throws lift Lion girls to SEC sweep of Mabel-Canton, 51-37

By : 
Lee Epps

Mariah Edgington, with 15 points and 11 rebounds, had a second straight double double, and Amelia Solum matched a career-high 21 points while Kailee Olerud had a career-best 12 rebounds as Spring Grove posted a 51-37 conference road victory at Mabel-Canton on Jan. 31. The Lions improved to 10-7 (6-5 SEC) while the Cougars slipped to 5-14 (3-7 SEC)

In the team's previous meeting (a 55-52 Lion win), both scored in the 50s. But in the rematch, the Cougars fell short; their 37 points matched a season-low for a Spring Grove opponent. 

In this second meeting, Mabel-Canton again outrebounded the Lions and outscored them from the field, but the Cougars did not shoot as well and did not get to the free throw line as often as they had in December.

Both teams had an official 18 attempts from 3-point land, 33 shots closer in and a total 51 attempts from the field. 

Neither team shot well from the field (SG 27%, M-C 25%), especially from 3-point range (SG 11%, M-C 17%), but both did shoot well from the foul line (SG 68%, M-C 67%). 

With perimeter shots not falling for either team, the key was taking the ball inside and drawing fouls.

It was a familiar formula for Spring Grove - overcome a rebounding deficit by shooting more and hitting more free throws. The Lions hit 21 of 31 charity shots while limiting M-C to nine free throws (6 for 9), Three Cougars fouled out

It was the 16th time in 17 games, SG had been outrebounded but also the 14th time the Lions held a scoring advantage at the foul line.

After a slow-scoring first half (SG 17, M-C 15), the Lions were still ahead by only two points (23-21) before separating with a game-sealing 15-to-2 run.

During that stretch, M-C had 10 turnovers in 12 possessions, while SG scored on 8 of 13 possessions. Both teams had over 20 turnovers in their first meeting, But last week, the Lions matched a season-best 11 turnovers to 23 for the Cougars.

For M-C, Lauren Wyffels had a 14-point, 10-rebound double double while Maddy Michels added 13 points.

"I was definitely pleased with our defensive showing, holding them to 15 points in the first half was impressive", said Lion coach Kody Moore.  "Again, we started a little slow offensively but came on strong in the second half. 

"Amelia Solum had a big night offensively for us. Mariah Edgington and Kailee Olerud did a great job on the glass, both bringing down double digit rebounds.  

"I was also happy with the way we attacked the rim offensively, any time you are able to shoot 30-plus free throws, it’s a good sign that you are being aggressive in attacking the rim. It’s always satisfying to win the rivalry game against Mabel and nice to complete the regular season sweep."

The two wins this season gives Grove a two-win lead in the series, 53 to 51.

The Lion B-team(5-9) snapped an eight-game losing skid with a 30-23 win at Mabel-Canton. It completed a season sweep after another close win in December (38-32).

This week and next

The Lions hosted Caledonia after the Herald went to press on Feb.5 before division-leading Houston comes in on Friday. Feb. 8.

The regular season ends on the road with a Feb. 11 trip to Harmony versus Fillmore Central and a Feb. 14 SEC rematch at Spring Valley versus Kingsland.

Last week's scheduled game with Waukon, not played due to weather, will not be made up.


SG 51, Mabel-Canton 37

SG 17+34=51

MC 15+22=-37


all FG: SG 27% (14-51), MC 25% (13-51)

2-pt FG: SG 36% (12-33), MC 30% (10-33)

3-pt FG: SG 11% (2-18), MC 17% (3-18)

Free throws: SG 68% (21-31), MC 67% (6-9)

Rebounds: SG 34, MC 38

Turnovers: SG 11, MC 23

2nd Chance pts.: SG 7, MC 7

Fast break pts.: SG 2, C 8

Perimeter pts.: SG 12, MC 15

Pts. in paint: SG 28, MC 20

Fouls: SG 16, MC 24

INDIVIDUALS: P-points, R-rebounds,

A-assists, S-steals, B-blocked

shots. Listed in order of

jersey number. * starter

*A. Johnson 11P, 4R, 1S, 1B

*M. Edgington 15P, 11R, 3A, 5S

*A. Solum 21P, 6R, 3A, 1S

*K. Olerud 4P, 12R, 2A, 2S, 1B

*S. Kampschroer 1A, 1S

Marie Petersen 1R, 1S

Jordian Leahy 1S

Kyleigh Doering 2S


Southeast Conference 2019 Girls Basketball (updated since print edition through Feb. 4 games)            


Houston 7-2 SEC (11-9 season) 

Kingsland 6-3 SEC (11-8 season)  

Spring Grove 6-5 SEC, (10-7 season)

Mabel-Canton 3-7 SEC (5-16 season)

Lanesboro 2-8 SEC (3-17 season) 


Grand Meadow 11-0 SEC (21-0 season) 

Lyle/Pacelli 8-1 SEC (15-4 season)  

Randolph 6-4 SEC (13-8 season) 

LeRoy-Ostrander 1-9 SEC (6-13 season)  

Schaeffer Academy 0-11 SEC (4-17 season)


Spring Grove Girls Basketball 

approximately 7:15 unless noted. * SEC gamesscore vs. La Crescent-Hoka

10-7 (6-5 SEC)

L vs. Lyle/Pacelli* 57-72

W at Lanesboro* 73-45

W at Schaeffer Academy* 63-37

W vs. Mabel-Canton*55-52

W vs. Charles City 68-46

W vs. Decorah 61-56

L at Houston*50-80

L at Grand Meadow 49-93 (non-conf.)

L at Cannon Falls 58-66

W at Rushford-Peterson 61-47

L vs. Kingsland* 46-65

W vs. Lanesboro* 49-44
L at Randolph*51-74

W vs. La Crescent-Hokah 63-58

L vs. Grand Meadow*32-72

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander* 55-42

01-28 at Waukon - canceled

W at Mabel-Canton*51-37

02-05 Caledonia

02-08 Houston*

02-11 at Fillmore Central 7:30 pm

02-14 at Kingsland*


B-team Girls 5-9

W vs. Lyle/Pacelli          44-14

L at Lanesboro                        21-31

W at Schaeffer Aca.      35-16

W vs. Mabel-Canton    38-32

W vs. Decorah              37-34

L at Houston                21-37

L at Grand Meadow     24-69

L at Rushford-Peterson 29-46

L vs. Kingsland                        21-56

L vs. Lanesboro                       24-59

L at Randolph              40-46

L vs. La Crescent-Hokah           23-42

L vs. Grand Meadow   22-65

W at Mabel-Canton      30-23


8th Grade Girls 3-10

L vs. Lanesboro                       16-23

W at Schaeffer Aca.      17-16

L at Mabel-Canton        8 -13

L vs. Caledonia                        8-53

L at Rushford-Peterson            7-52

L vs. Kingsland                        13-23

L at Lanesboro                        13-41

W at Houston               23-11

L vs. LeRoy-Ostrander20-21

W vs. Houston             39-25

L vs. Southland                       15-20

L vs. La Crescent-Hokah           21-41

L vs. Grand Meadow


7th Grade Girls 2-7

L vs. Lanesboro                       11-23

L at Mabel-Canton       14-17

L vs. Caledonia                        10-30

L at Rushford-Peterson   4-41

L vs. Kingsland                        10-39

W at Lanesboro                       20-17

W at Houston               24-11

L vs. La Crescent-Hokah            14-18 OT

L vs. Grand Meadow