Fremont Township honors long-time treasurer

Submitted Photo Orlie Moger accepts a congratulatory award for his 46 years of service to Fremont Township as its treasurer.
Jordan Gerard

Looking back on his years as treasurer for Fremont Township, Orlie Moger says he found a home in the elected position. Moger was recently honored for his 46 years of service with a plaque from the township. "I just found a home and said this is it," he said. "[Every election year] I paid the $2 filing fee."

When no one else was willing to run for the position, Moger found himself elected again and again, until this past March when he did not file again. But he's okay with that. At 81 years old, he's ready to retire from the job and spend time with his family.

"It's fine with me," Moger said. "If she needed help, I told her to give me a ring. It's easy." She is Gretchen Schade, who was elected this past March at the annual meeting. Moger also volunteered to fill in for her if she could not attend a meeting.

During his tenure as treasurer, he helped raise the levy in order to borrow less money every year.

Before the levy and taxes were raised, the township didn't have enough funds. They would borrow money and then had to pay interest on it.

Other board members with him were Chairman Richard Rislow and Supervisors Dave Mueller and Ted Olson.

For the future of the township, Moger hoped more people living in the township would attend meetings and get interested in the business of a township.

"Back in the '70s, about 20 to 30 people would show up for the annual meeting," he said. "We had only 17 at the past annual meeting. There's just no interest like there used to be."

Moger has been a farmer in the Fremont area for a long time. He sold his dairy cows in 2002 and then moved onto hauling cattle for a sales barn.

Rislow says Moger always enjoyed the job and interaction with different board members over the years. "Everyone enjoyed having him on the board," Rislow said.