Golden Happenings group learns more about Niagara Cave

Members of the Golden Happenings senior group in Harmony are shown with speaker Aaron Bishop during its September meeting.

Aaron Bishop from Niagara Cave told Golden Happenings members the history of the cave and how the owners and staff work to preserve the natural features of the cave.

Aaron Bishop from Niagara Cave visited the Golden Happenings senior group in Harmony on Wednesday, Sept. 11. He told Golden Happenings members some of the history behind Niagara Cave. It started when three little pigs fell into a sinkhole south of Harmony, which led to the discovery of the cave and ultimately to the naming of it as one of the top 10 cave attractions in the United States.

Bishop shared photos of spots in the cave as they looked years ago and how they look today to show how the footpath has been improved and the lighting enhanced while preserving the natural features.

He stressed that they are always working to protect the cave from the invasion of foreign organisms such as they did recently by replacing wooden handrails with fiberglass ones.

Bishop also gave a very colorful presentation showing the geological processes that laid down the limestone deposits and the chemical processes that carved out the cave.

USA Today included Niagara Cave on its Minnesota Destination Bucket List. Is it on your bucket list? It should be.

Bishop has promised to return in the spring to talk about last year's volcanic eruptions on the Big Island in Hawaii, which brought lava into the backyard of his parent's home in Hawaii.