Golden Happenings members get tour of Harmony Spirits

Jim Simpson and Andy Craig explain the process of using grain to craft alcohol at Harmony Spirits as the local senior citizen group came to tour their facility.

Members of Harmony’s Golden Happenings Senior Group were treated to a tour of Harmony Spirits tasting room and distillery. Above, Jim Simpson explains some of the products created by Harmony Spirits, using grain grown in Fillmore County.

Fifteen members of the Golden Happenings Senior Group were given a tour and program at Harmony Spirits by Jim Simpson and Andy Craig, two of the owners.

All the wood in the tasting room is old wood reclaimed from a corn crib/granary that had been built in 1960 on Darrell Ray’s farm.

All the grains used to craft their products are grown right here in Fillmore County. The grain is ground on Andy Craig’s family farm and the spent distillers’ grains are returned to their cattle as feed. Simpson and Craig explained how the distillery functioned. There was a batch of corn base in the still and Simpson explained how it was processed and the amount of time required for each batch. It was an hour of interesting information on products made right in Harmony.

Members also viewed the barrels of bourbon and whiskey stored in the distillery. All of the barrels they use to age their Bourbon Whiskey come from the Barrel Mill in Avon, Minn. Bourbon must be aged in a new, American White Oak charred barrel. Their first batch of Bourbon Whiskey will be ready for release in early October. They will also be distributing to local retailers by the middle of October.

It was another great, informative program for the Golden Happenings group.