Gopher football team opens season at 2-0

Chatfield’s Carson Larrabee picks up the Pine Island ball-carrier to make a tackle. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS
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The Chatfield football team is off to a great start with a 2-0 record. 

The Gophers beat Pine Island in the season opener, 21-7, and followed that up with a narrow victory over Cannon Falls, 13-6.  It should be noted that Chatfield is a Class AA school and both PI and CF are in Class AAA. 

Friday night the Gophers will travel to Dodge Center for a match-up with the Triton Cobras.  Triton is an Class AA school and is in the same section as Chatfield when the playoffs roll around.

Win over Pine Island

“Our strength and conditioning showed in the fourth quarter, big time,” said head coach Jeff Johnson.

That sentiment was echoed by stat-man Dave Dudek, too: “we wore them down, the fourth quarter was all ours.”

Pine Island scored first in the third quarter, but after that it was 21 straight points for the Gophers.  Carson Larrabee scored on runs of 27 and 42 yards and Chance Backer put one in from 18 yards out.  AJ Karver went three for three in kicking extra-points.  Gage Tuohy rushed for 118 yards to lead the offense.  Ben Brogan had two catches for 53 yards.

The defense was led by Lincoln Salisbury, Gage Tuohy, Backer, Larrabee, Jack Tuohy, Nathan Goldsmith, Davontae Goldsmith and Jonathan Frank.

Scoring by quarters

Chat 0-0-7-14 = 21

PI 0-0-7-0 = 7

Team stats vs. PI

                                         Chatfield                                    Pine Island

First downs                  7                                                    7

Rushing                        36 carries, 236 yds                34c, 94 yds

                                         3 TD’s, 1 fum. Lost                 0 TD’s, 3 fum. lost

Passing                        2/11, 53 yds                             10/23, 86 yds

                                         0 TD’s, 1 INT                             1 TD, 0 INT

Total offense              47 plays, 289 yds                   57 plays, 180 yds

                                         3 TD’s, 2 turnovers                1 TD, 3 TO’s

Penalties                      2, 12 yds                                    5, 30 yds

Individual stats vs. PI

Rushing: Carson Larrabee, seven carries, 78 yds, two TDs, 42 yds (longest); Gage Tuohy, 19c, 118 yds, 40 yds (longest); Chance Backer, 2c, 18y, one TD, 18 yds (longest); Reid Johnson, 5c, -8y; Lincoln Salisbury, 1c, 3y; Nathan Goldsmith, 2c, 26y, 15y (longest).  Passing; Johnson, 2/10, 53 yds, one INT, 43 yds (longest).  Receiving: Ben Brogen, two catches, 53 yds, 43 yds (longest).  Punting: Salisbury, seven, 39.3 yds avg., 56 yds (longest).  Punt returns: Tuohy, two, 6.5 yds avg, seven yds (longest); Brogen, one, 10.0 avg., 10 yds (longest).  Kickoffs: Salisbury, two, 51.0 yds avg, 60 yds (longest); AJ Karver, two, 42.5 yds avg., 45 yds (longest).  Kickoff returns: Tuohy, one, 14 yds; Salisbury, one, 24 yds.

Defensive stats. Tackles: Brogen (two solo, one assist), Salisbury (4s,5a), Gage Tuohy (6s,4a), Backer (4s,1a), Corey Ericson (1a), Masyn Remme (2s,2a), Larrabee (4s,2a), Ben Roline (1a), Nathan Goldsmith (4s,4a), Jack Tuohy (1a), Davontae Goldsmith (3s,1a), Austin Koenigs (1s), Jonathan Frank (2s,2a), Zach Roline (1s,1a), Karver (1s,1a).  Tackles for loss: Backer (two), Frank (two), Karver (one).  Sacks: Larrabee (1.5), Nathan Goldsmith (one), Jack Tuohy (.5).  Fumble recoveries: Backer (one), Davontae Goldsmith (one).  Pass break-ups: Salisbury, Jack Tuohy, Frank (two).

Gophers down Cannon Falls

“The defense played stellar again Friday night,” said coach Johnson.  “Only giving up 104 yards against a great rushing team.  That was great.”

Reid Johnson was on target for two touchdown passes against the Bombers.  On the receiving end were Backer and Brogan.  Brogan’s was for 55 yards.  Both of Chatfield’s touchdowns came in the second quarter.

Davontae Goldsmith led the team with five solo tackles.  Gage Tuohy, Chance Backer and Carson Larrabee each had four solos.  Nathan Goldsmith, Seth Allen and Ben Brogan each came up with three solo tackles. 

Team stats vs. Cannon Falls

                                    Chatfield                                             Cannon Falls

First downs             13                                                          7

Rushing                    41c, 147 yds                                     39c, 104 yds

                                    0 TD’s, 1 fum. Lost                          1 TD, 0 fum. lost

Passing                    4/11, 76 yds                                      5/11, 72 yds

                                    2 TD’s, 0 INT                                      0 TD’s, 1 INT 

Total offense          2 plays, 223 yds                              50p, 176 yds

                                    2 TD’s, 1 TO                                       1 TD, 1 TO

Penalties                 3, 20 yds                                             5, 40 yds

Individual stats vs. CF

Rushing: Gage Tuohy, 22c, 110 yds, 19 yds (longest); Larrabee, 6c, 40 yds, 13 yds (longest), Salisbury, 3c, 15 yds; Backer, 2c, one yd; Brogan, 1c, -9; Johnson, 6c, -7.  Passing; Johnson, 4/11, 76 yds, two TD’s, 55 yds (longest).  Receiving: Brogan, 2c, 57 yds, 1 TD, 55 yds (longest); Larrabee, 1c, 14 yds; Backer, 1c, 5 yds, 1 TD.  Punting: Salisbury, 5/32.0 yds.  Punt returns; Brogan, 3/11.7 yds.  Kickoffs: Salisbury, 3/46.7.  Tackles: Seth Allen (3s,3a), Brogan (3s,1a), Salisbury (1s,3a), Gage Tuohy (4s,2a), Backer (4s), Larrabee (4s,5a), N Goldsmith (3s,5a), D Goldsmith (5s,4a), Frank (1s,5a), Zach Roline (1s,3a), Sam Stevens (1s,2a).  Tackles for loss: Salisbury (two), Backer (three), Nathan Goldsmith, Davontae Goldsmith.  Interceptions; Allen.  Pass break-ups; Allen, Gage Tuohy, Jack Tuohy.