Habitat House making progress in snowy winter months

Jordan Gerard

It may be snowing, blowing, icy and general winter weather phenomenon outside, but that doesn’t stop the Habitat for Humanity Heritage Home from continuing the building process.

The house is completely “dried in,” Executive Director Kahya Fox said last week. That means the exterior walls and roof are done, and it’s warmer for volunteers and the family to work in.

Sherry Pitts and her family, future homeowners, are excitedly watching the building process grow up around them.

“Watching the house come together has been exciting!” she told the Herald. “There’s been times when I’ve been working on the house and I’ll notice an eagle flying above, or get a glimpse of the view from my future bedroom and it seems surreal.”

Pitts and her four kids have about 105.5 hours of sweat equity into the home, Fox added. They need 244.5 more hours to get to the required 350 hours. Pitts’ friends and family have also volunteered an additional 70.75 hours. 

Pitts is also looking forward to using her newfound construction knowledge to hopefully build a she-shed with her kids after they move in. 

“As a family [we] focused on what we value – we’re creating our best spaces,” she said. “Then hosting a housewarming party to show our appreciation for this amazing community and wonderful volunteers that made it all possible!”

Volunteers are invited to come and build with Habitat for Humanity. So far, five teams have helped out, and other individuals have helped too.

“Everyone had a great time coming together, learning new skills and building this home,” Fox added.

If groups still want to help out, they can do so by emailing volunteer@habitatlacrosse.org or call 608-785-2373, ext. 103. For individuals who want to lend a hand, visit www.habitatlacrosse.org/spring-grove-heritage-home.html to see a list of construction dates and to sign up as a volunteer. 

More than 85 volunteers have donated more than 1,250 hours since the groundbreaking, Fox said. What’s more, Habitat has received financial support to help with construction costs with in-kind donations of labor and materials from local businesses, the community-wide fundraising event this past fall, team build contributions and individual donations that have helped raise more than $5,000 for the project.

With the progress on the house going along swimmingly, Pitts said, “I’m not sure if it’s going to take me moving in to actually believe this is for us.” The anticipated completion date is May 2020.