Harmony Sings now open for adult voices Sign-up ends Friday

Chad Smith

The Harmony Sings contest is back for the third year and it’s literally bigger than ever. The age categories for singers have expanded to include more Harmony residents. If you are a Harmony resident who can sing, or if you know someone in Harmony who can carry a tune, this contest is a can’t-miss event.

“It’s an event the Harmony Chamber of Commerce sponsors on the weekend just ahead of the Fourth of July,” said Chamber Director Becky Hoff. “It’s on Sunday, June 30, at the Old Legion Hall. It’s part of a larger contest called Minnesota Sings. Singers in communities around the state compete for the chance to go to the Minnesota Sings championship, which has some pretty good prizes up for grabs again this year.

“The interesting thing about the contest is it used to be limited to people ages 15 to 25,” she added. “This year, Minnesota Sings has added an age category of 26-and-up, so a lot more people are eligible to compete. We’ve had people above the age of 25 ask about that in the first two years and were disappointed they couldn’t compete. It’s nice to be able to offer them a chance to sing now.”

The song choices for contestants are basically limitless. The only real condition for participation is to keep it family-friendly. Hoff said contestants can sing their favorite contemporary or classic songs, something from a musical, basically “any type of music they like.” Singers will need to provide their own backing music.

“We have to follow the Minnesota Sings rules, which require each contestant to bring their own backing music on a CD,” Hoff said. “It’s not like a talent show where the contestants play music themselves or sometimes have people playing instruments behind them. Download music off your favorite provider, such as Amazon or iTunes, and bring it on a CD.”

The contest is scheduled for June 30, with the signup deadline this Friday, June 14.

“We bring in judges from outside the Harmony area,” Hoff added. “We don’t bring in people who might be closely related to someone in Harmony, so folks don’t have to worry about that. We’ll also be bringing in Gerri Nielsen, English teacher at Fillmore Central, to be the emcee.”

Two winners from each category in the Harmony Sings competition will move on to Minnesota Sings, which is in Woodbury on Sept. 28 and 29.

A lot of the local Harmony businesses combine to offer prize packages to the four winners that will head to the state-level competition.

Local winners will take home $250 Harmony Dollars and a prize package from local businesses. Second-place finishers will take home $100 in Harmony Dollars and a business prize package. For those local winners who advance to the state contest, they’ll have a shot at $3,000 in cash and a five-hour recording session, among other prizes.

It’s free to sign up for Harmony Sings. For more information, call Becky Hoff at 507-886-2469.