Incumbent best person to represent House District 28B

Open Forum

State Rep. Greg Davids understands that we want to keep more of our paychecks. That’s why he battled Gov. Dayton on tax relief, and prevailed. Because of Rep. Davids’ hard work, many of us are experiencing that tax relief. Farmers, small business owners, working families, and senior citizens on Social Security are among those of us who benefit from Greg’s plan.

When Minnesota had another mammoth budget surplus this past session, Greg insisted that those in the middle class get their fair share of taxes returned to them.

Greg has worked to provide specific financing packages for rural schools and nursing homes, for the veterans’ cemetery and the future veterans’ home, and has advocated for farmers in many specific ways, including for land rights issues and for tax and regulatory relief. Small business owners, including my husband and me, have likewise benefited from legislation he has drafted to ease their tax burden.

In contrast, I’ve listened to Greg’s opponent, and he talks vaguely of insuring that everyone who lives in Minnesota has all their health care, welfare, and education needs fully funded by the government, but he offers no specific plans or ideas for how to accomplish these goals or how to pay for them.

In House District 28B, we have no need for a change.  I know Greg, and I sincerely believe he’s the best person for the job! Please vote for Greg Davids for state representative on Nov. 6.


Marjory Skaran

Spring Valley