It’s time for a change

Open Forum

Our legislator in the House of Representatives in St. Paul has been there for over three decades.  I don't think he has been representing my values.

Therefore, on Nov. 6, my vote will be for Thomas Trehus.

Public education is one of my most important priorities.  This means good schooling for all or our citizens.  Thomas serves on the School Board in Spring Grove and can see close-up what is necessary and important for the children of our area.

On the other hand, our current representative voted for the school voucher plan, which takes very necessary funds away from public schools and sends that essential money to private schools.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better than this.

Is this the kind of representation you want in St. Paul?

Think about your vote on Nov. 6, and please cast it for Thomas Trehus, a change we need.


Harvey Benson,