Kids play takes on fairytale land crime wave; YOOH children’s play shows June 27-29

Jordan Gerard

A crime wave has hit Fairytale Land and it’s up to Rumpelstiltskin to solve it.

The Ye Olde Opera House (YOOH) children’s play this year features familiar characters from fairytales such as “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “The Three Little Pigs,” “Little Red Riding Hood” and more.

Show dates are June 27, 28, 29 at 7:30 p.m. at the Opera House. Tickets are $5 and can be reserved by calling 507-498-5859. Refreshments will be available before the play. Doors open 30 minutes before show time.

Kids in grades first through sixth have been rehearsing hard for their debut. The play includes many roles for kids of all ages and abilities.

Along with Rumpelstiltskin is his trusty and wisecracking sidekick, Ugly Duckling. Together, they’ll solve the wacky case of crimes.

Director Claire Bratland says theater can boost kids’ confidence into other areas of their life.

“Theater helps tremendously to encourage kids to put themselves out there and have fun,” she said. “It is a great way for kids that may be shyer in other situations to practice being more confident around other people.”

Since Bratland has directed two past children’s plays and stage managed another, she’s been able to see repeat participants grow and mature into talented and creative people.

“I have really had the chance to get to know these kids so well, and I love being able to see them grow up, mature and see their talents flourish,” Bratland said. “I am always and continually impressed by their talents and abilities. It makes me so proud!”

Playing pretend and acting as characters who are different from themselves has been fun for the kids and it’s a great way for kids to learn confidence, team building and just have fun with friends.

It also helps Bratland as a director because she is able to push them out of their comfort zone and encourage them to take chances.

“I tell kids to think about what their characters would do, and how their characters would react in certain situations,” she said. 

Spring Grove has had a long tradition of supporting children’s theater. Many go on to participate in high school productions and some return for the YOOH summer musical.

Bratland said it’s important because it builds their confidence and allows them to be creative, but also teaches kids how to work with others and how to problem solve.

“There are often times when children and young adults will need to speak in front of a group of people, and being involved in theater gives them more confidence to be able to do this,” she said. “It also allows them to develop their unique abilities and talents.”

The cast list includes: Rumpelstiltskin: Jack Tuomi; Ugly Duckling: Maria Solberg; Mama Bear: Madison Lile; Papa Bear: Ryland Moen; Baby Bear: Lilly Novak; Goldilocks: Elle Berns; Gingerbread Man: Henry Kessler; Worried Pig: Adah Solum; Smart Pig: Lillian Thies; Not-So-Smart Pig: Joey Jaster; Big Bad Wolf & Prince Pronto: Ayden Collins; Virginia Wolf: Addison Kessler; Little Red: Carley Lewis; Snow White: Kylie Hammel; Drowsy Dwarf: Faith Wesselman; Clumsy Dwarf: Bently Rohland; Bossy Dwarf: Roland Bjerke; Gloomy Dwarf: Karson Betcher; Perky Dwarf: Kamrin Thies; Nerdy Dwarf:  Kenzy Kraus; Nerdier Dwarf:  McKenna Newgaard; Hungry Dwarf:  Kaylee Stokman; Hungrier Dwarf:  Morgan Novak; Cinderella: Izabel Kaufmann; Fairy Godmother: Siri Konkel; Hortense: Lauren Hammel; Penelope: Kya Deck; Fairy Godfather: Oliver Cornella and Granny: Lynden Morken.