Kingsland needs more involvement from community

Open Forum

Over 26 years ago I had the great opportunity to work with several hundred students, faculty and people of all ages to create this wonderful school district of Kingsland. It did take a huge effort and many, many long meetings for everyone to come to a consensus on how to achieve this one district and several years to accomplish. This was not easy and not without growing pains. I was so very proud of our Kingsland district, but after attending one of the two public meetings recently regarding the operating levy referendum for Kingsland, I was ashamed of the lack of participation of our district members. The apathy of the community for the interest of education was shocking.

My hope in writing this letter is to encourage discussion and involvement from the community of Kingsland. We need open discussion and viable solutions to improve the educational experience of all the Kingsland students. We need the true sense of community to support our Kingsland district.

Kingsland is not defined by the buildings of our district, or their location but by all the people of this district. People of all ages from all corners of this district. The young minds of Kingsland deserve a chance to flourish and we need to support and encourage them.

No one could have predicted over 25 years ago what number of students would attend or leave this district. No one could have predicted the wear and tear on our buildings or the increases in the cost of educating our students in the future.  No one could predict what programs/classes we would add or take away and even bring back again. But we must figure out what we can do and do it well and within the revenue parameters that we have now and in our near future.

The operating levy tax dollars are the monies that we on the local level have the most control over for our district. We can help design the programs/services we feel best fit the needs of our  students and the future jobs for our area. This is our opportunity to mold the programs/services for the students and for the community needs, all in one.

Please take the time to ask questions and get complete answers to your questions and be involved for the future of the Kingsland district and its students. There is a group forming to help get information out to the public, "Vote Yes for Kingsland." The group’s first meeting is Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. The Kingsland School Parent (KSP) group meets the first Wednesday each month and the School Board meetings are the third Monday each month; all are open to the public.

Thank you for your attention to these important issues,

Janell Kraut