Kingsland School District bond issue is over the top


We have seen the Kingsland School District make some poor choices over the years, but the decommissioning of the Wykoff school buildings and immediate request for approval of a school district bond issue is over the top!

Why should we spend $8.13 million in the Kingsland School District to add buildings in Spring Valley that already exist in Wykoff?  By the school district’s own estimates, the buildings in Wykoff could be safely improved with $2 million?  Why build a new performing arts building and a new gymnasium in Spring Valley when a perfectly good gymnasium and a performing arts gym with a stage exists in Wykoff, part of Kingsland School District since 1992?  There have been a lot of “spins” put on the condition of the property located in Wykoff that experts have debunked.  Ah, but this is a moot point.  Our school district doesn’t want it...they tossed it away.

Do we really want to give more money to a school district that is losing students?  The Kingsland School District has created over-crowded conditions for students in Spring Valley, which effectively enhances the impression that more space is required in the school district. And, how much money is in this new referendum to “fix” the roof leaks and other construction errors left by the contractors who built the elementary school in 2008?

Why would the fine, hardworking folks who support this school district want to spend more money to fix problems in the recently-built elementary school?  How can we trust them to “get it right” this time? 

The information on the school’s website explains the cost of the proposed bond will cost the average homeowner (example given was $100,000) an additional $39.42 to their annual real estate tax bill.  That may not sound too bad. However, there was no example, or mention of, the cost to land owners.  Farmers and other land owners must pay the largest portion of tax increases in a school district. Land owners generally are not corporations; they are families with a head of household.  For example, the actual tax on parcels totaling 350 acres (in this example, non-homestead) will add over $1,220 to that land owner’s taxes each year for 20 years; that’s a total tax increase of $24,400!  Note that these figures are based on actual data on real parcels in the Kingsland School District, and were calculated on the districts own website using this link:  I urge you to go online and check your property’s tax impact should this bond issue be approved.  And, don’t forget, there are two other Kingsland School District levies still on our taxes; one voter approved, the other School Board approved. 

Carolyn Baker Meyer