Kingsland trap team hangs on to first place

Chad Smith

The Kingsland trap team remained in first place in the Class 2A, Section 6 standings, but the gap has closed a bit. Second-place St. James outscored the Knights by 318.5 points during the fourth week, which closed the overall scoring gap to 84.5 points. Kingsland has 9,128.50 points to 9,044 for St. James, with one week left in the regular season.

Nathan Lund led Kingsland last week with a 48. Patrick Junge was next with a 47. There was a five-way tie for second last week. Hunter Fabian, Nolan Fetterly, Hunter Jorgenson, Luke Howard and Thomas Warren all hit 46 targets. Brad Grabau had a 45 and Renee Lechner hit 44 birds. Bret Musel scored a 42. Acelee Kohn and Carleton Corson each added a 41. Connor Eickhoff, Zach Hauser, James Howard, Emily Miner and Joshua Warren each scored 40. Ashton Boysen added 39, while Hunter Mundfrom and Austin Stephans each hit 38 targets.

Lund leads the Class 2A, Conference 6 Boys’ Top 25 List with his season average of 23.38. Fetterly is third on the list (23.25). Grabau is tied for eighth (22.50). Luke Howard is tied at number 11 (22.25), with Fabian sitting at number 13 (22.13). Hunter Jorgenson is tied for 14th (22.00), while James Howard, Boysen and Junge are all tied at 25th (21.25).

Miner is third on the Class 2A, Conference 6 Girls’ Top 25 List with an average of 20.63. Lechner is eighth on the list (18.25). Lydia Voeltz is 14th and Jennifer Knutson sits at number 15 on the list.

This is the fifth and final week of the spring season.