Kingsland voters shouldn’t support another financial blunder

To the editor:

I think maybe we should vote down this fall’s proposed school operating levy, and let the state take over the finances.

The previous superintendent and school board who sucked us all in to tearing down the elementary school and build a new one, left us with a lot of debt. (By the way, I’m told the new $15 million building roof and windows all leaked from the start.) I’m pretty sure that $4 to $5 million would have been adequate to upgrade the old elementary. But, that’s water under the bridge now. Let’s not get cajoled into another financial blunder. My grandpa used to say, “If you want to get out of a hole…quit diggin’!” One final note, who was it that said, “If we build it they will come.” That didn’t happen, did it?!

Norm Eastvold

Spring Valley




I am sure you are a good fella overall.  But this is a very ignorant letter.  First, let me say your notion of what a previous board and superintendent did are by your own words things you 'heard' or 'have been told'.  Yes, by all means make a decision that will impact our community FOREVER based on things you don't have facts about.  How irresonsponisible.
Secondly, you say 'water under the bridge' but apparently it is not for you as you are willing to throw away a fair and proper education for ALL OF OUR KIDS - again based on your 'I heard' point of view.
Thirdly, do you even understand what an operating levy is?  Kingsland has been very responsible financially, they need an operating levy because they expire and have to be renewed.  Operating levy is for EDUCATION and classroom.  It pays salaries, buys curriculum and programs.  It has zero to do with building.  It is part of what the state uses to fund us schools as well.  
Fourth, did you have the luxury of tax payers contributing to your educational costs in a public school?  Did your children?  How wonderful that people carried you and supported you through your elementary and high school years and did the same for your kids.  How does it feel to be a taker in life? Do you think if those who came before you and supported their community's schools would have contributed if they had known that you would grow up to be a selfish taker who would not do the same for someone else's child?
There is no financial blunder threat.  Do you realize that EVERY PUBLIC SCHOOL IN MINNESOTA must have a local operating levy to function with local control?!  The financial blunder would be for people like you to walk away from supporting our schools and children, it will ultimately ruin our housing market - no one wants to move to a town where a school system is in SOD and not able to offer crap for programs!  It effects the values of homes, if you can't have a heart to think about the CHILDREN, maybe your greedy self can at least think about that!  
And do you realize that Kingsland has the LOWEST operating per student in the area?  Far lower than Grand Meadow, LeRoy, Fillmore Central, Chatfield, etc.  AND KINGSLAND KICKS BUTT AT STATE TESTING despite not having the large sums per kid as neighboring districts.  Because our teachers and parents and students are incredible and our board - our NEW board - is so financially careful and invests in the right things.  Our NEW board is honest and very involved and active, pay attention!  The rest of us are sick and tired of people like you holding grudges against our CHILDREN because you all voted for the wrong people and wrong decisions 10 years ago.  So why don't you do the right thing and make it right?  EDUCATE yourself, Norm.  Find out what is really going on instead of living in the anger of your 10 or 12 years old grudges.  And STOP PUNISHING MY CHILDREN with your ignorance!