Lanesboro Historic Preservation Commission preparing for 150th anniversary

By : 
Bretta Grabau
News Leader

The Lanesboro City Council met on Monday, March 4, hearing reports from several of its departments, most notably the Historic Preservation Commission.

This year the town’s 150th anniversary is being planned. The commission had a meeting in February where community members were encouraged to come participate, provide input and offer ideas for the celebration. Mayor Jason Resseman shared due to the weather, the meeting was almost canceled, however nearly 25 people showed up despite the snow. Resseman was pleased with the representation.

The celebration is not a city-sponsored event, but it is meant to be inclusive to everyone in the community. Ideally, Resseman noted, the celebration would be a four-day event, but it is also possible for it to be only one day. This is where the community input is vital. It is slated to take place around the Fourth of July.

Because of the anniversary, the commission will be having meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. rather than its quarterly meeting and anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

Once the snow melts, banners will be put up around town on the light poles for the anniversary.

Planning and zoning

Planning and zoning has been working on grants for putting together a comprehensive plan for the city and has received some, including a $10,000 grant from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. The comprehensive plan would be a compilation of the 2020 plan and other concept plans. Resseman stated this is a city initiative through the planning and zoning commission with input welcome, and the city is in dire need of a comprehensive plan.

Park board

Over the past month, plowing has been prevalent with all the snow being dumped on the region. Besides this, Council Member Autumn Johnson stated the park board has approved a grant and funds for the dock at the pond, to make it handicapped accessible and safer.

The park board will be hiring summer help and will put the ad in the local newspapers soon. Applications will be due in mid-April.

Johnson also commented the board will be reviewing and updating the lease agreement for renting the community center. It will be brought to the council in the near future.

Other business

The city is required to do a dam emergency action plan every year, in the event an emergency would arise with the dam. Emergency response representatives and law enforcement participated in going through the plan and looking into any potential problems, City Administrator Michele Peterson noted. The updated plan was submitted to the state.

The board of appeal and equalization meeting will be held on May 12.

The council approved a proposed expenditure of funds policy, a gambling permit and temporary liquor license for the Root River Valley Chapter of National Wild Turkey Federation, lodging licenses, the DNR grant contract for the Sylvan Park Fishing Dock and the appointment of Jeff Sanders to the ambulance department.