Letter: ‘Day-brightener’ will be missed

Dear editor:

As a Chatfield native now living in Omaha, I always look forward to the arrival of The Chatfield News in each week's mail. It's a wonderful way to stay in touch with my old hometown!  One of the first things I always turned to was the "Oakenwald Terrace Review" by Marion Lund. Mrs. Lund combined crystal-clear memories of the past with interesting comments on the present. Reading each column was like having a friendly conversation with a good neighbor. Her columns were filled with down-to-earth stories, a mix of the modern and the homespun, and, always, a healthy dose of humor.

You never knew what topic Mrs. Lund would write about next: country school life? visitors to Oakenwald? jokes and sayings from bygone days? but you could be sure it was a topic you'd enjoy! She was definitely a day-brightener, and her contributions to The Chosen Valley will certainly be missed. Thanks, Marion — and, as you often ended your columns, "Shalom, and God Bless".

Donald-Brian Johnson

Omaha, Nebraska