Letter: Confused by letter writer’s Trump claims

Well, I guess it’s time to write in, as usual, Roger (Dietrich, letter Dec. 2) has a lot of confusion in his mind. He keeps talking down the Mueller report and collusion. Let me remind Roger that the Mueller report was put in place to investigate Russian meddling into our election and any related matters. Guess where it led? Mueller discovered Russia was all over our election and that Trump had done a dozen things he could be brought on charges for; about 10 of them were obstruction of justice, but the Democrats just didn’t act on them.

As for the work of Congress, I just read an article where the House has passed nearly 400 bills since the Democrats took control in 2018, but the majority haven’t received a vote in the Republican Senate. The full Congress has passed only 70 bills into law this year. Ten of them were renaming federal facilities. Congress typically passes 150 to 250 bills per year. Do-nothing Democrats, says Trump.

Now Roger says Trump would make more money if he weren’t president and could run his own business. Donald Trump gave control of his business to his two oldest sons. Guess who is giving the orders?

Here are some of Trump’s business deals before he was president. In 1973, the Justice Department sued Trump. The lawsuit was settled — monitoring no admission of guilt. He then developed casinos in Atlantic City that eventually failed. He refuses to show his taxes. That wasn’t what he told us before the election, was it? Leaked tax documents show he lost $916 million in 1995. He also licensed his name to Trump University. A fraud suit against Trump University was settled in 2018 for $25 million. Trump’s 2018 net worth was estimated by Forbes at $3.1 billion. My point being that he is a lousy businessman. If he would have taken his inheritance and bought a good mutual fund or farmland around LeRoy, the return would have been better than his business.

Now we will look at how he does as president. Roger says he donates his salary. Well, between his increased revenue on his hotels and golf courses and the tax cuts he gave himself with money borrowed from China, he most likely takes in 100 times his salary.

This is from an article in the Washington Post by Jennifer Rubin: It takes real chutzpah for President Trump and his sons to call Hunter Biden corrupt for doing business abroad. The entire Trump clan, including the president himself continues to make a mint trading on Donald Trump’s position of power. Eric and Donald, Jr., are actively promoting the Trump business overseas in such countries as Turkey, the Philippines, India and Uruguay. Ivanka Trump dined with China’s president and her father at Mara Lago in April 2017 and the same day China granted her preliminary trade markets for jewelry and handbags, potentially worth millions of dollars. Jared Kushner serves as a White House senior advisor while continuing to profit from a complex web of business abroad. Meanwhile Trump is paid millions by foreign governments and U.S. corporations that stay at his properties to curry favors from him, even as he refuses to release his tax returns. That’s corruption on a massive scale and it’s gone uninvestigated.

In his last letter, Roger tells us all the things Trump could do if he gets full control of the government. Well, I guess, again, Roger’s memory must be failing him. Trump had that for two years and the only big thing he got done was give himself and his rich buddies a tax cut.

Remember the wall that the Mexicans were going to pay for? Remember the better and cheaper health plan he had? Remember how he was going to balance the budget? Check the deficit. Remember how he was going to clean out the swamp? He has actually done some of that. The problem is he dragged them down into the sewer with him and once they are down there, they better kiss his or they will be fired. Worst turnover in history. Remember how he was going to bring the country together? Worst divide in history.

Hang in there. Only 11 months to go.

Wayne Stephas