Letter: Does America deserve better?

Kurds who have been killed and those now fleeing the “ethnic cleansing” in Syria are among the most recent casualties of gross corruption in our democracy.

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates observed that our last presidential election saw the most powerful country in the world handing over all of its affairs to a carnival barker “who introduced the phrase ‘grab 'em by the p***y’ into the national lexicon.” Coates cited risks to the prosperity of our economy, the security of our citizens, the purity of our water and air, the safety of our food, the future of our educational system, and the apocalyptic potential of our nuclear arsenal. Add to these, the president's personal humiliation of committing the quid pro quo of a “hush money” bribe to hide his sexual transgressions, and the ultimate international disgrace of the sacred honor of our commitment to our Kurdish allies.

Can we hold harmless our president's audacious misogyny, white supremacy, xenophobia, prevarication, pretension, unrelenting ignorance and pathological narcissism exhibited in cryptic “Tweets,” and wherever a slavishly adoring audience can be assembled? Where is the evidence of fiscal responsibility, dedication to public service and reasoned judgment? Where has he shown genuine compassion for victims of mass shootings and natural disasters?

Must we continue to endure the lies, obstruction of justice, denigration of a free press, separation of over 5,000 children from parents seeking asylum at our southern border? How does the worship of luxury hotels, golf courses, beauty pageants, and tyrannical autocrats “Make America Great Again?”

Joseph de Maistre, philosopher and observer of the French revolution, wrote in 1811, “Every country has the government it deserves.”

Surviving Syrian Kurds, our NATO allies and responsible Americans can only ask, “Do we deserve better than this?”

George Spangler