Letter: Drivers make roads safe, but one change would help

Gov. Tim Walz’s opinion column in the Aug. 7 issue of the Tribune was very interesting.  I would like to point out that laws do not make safe roads; safe roads are made by people who have enough intelligence to obey the laws and know how to read and understand the weather and road conditions. 

The one law that needs to be re-worded to help drivers obey the law is the one regarding the speed limit in a construction zone with men working in the area.  The speed limit is usually 15 or 25 mph and that is fine, I have no problems with that.  My problem is, why can’t the speed limit signs be covered up or a safer but faster limit be posted when there is no one working there?  I do mean not one person, not even Casper, the friendly ghost.

I have driven in construction zones for five miles at 15 mph and did not see one, repeat, one, person, the form of life called Homo sapiens or even one gorilla in overalls and wearing a hard hat anywhere within my 200-yard viewing distance.  That statement is true in all of the states I have traversed.

Have I exceeded the speed limit in such cases?  Yes I have; I’m always ready to brake for any squirrels that might want to cross the road.  I think a law should be passed to cover this situation and the construction crew members fined if they don’t follow the law.

Dale Schunke


Tucson, Arizona