Letter: Empty Bowls event about ‘community’ and much more

Did you go to Empty Bowls in Harmony Sunday, Nov.10?  If you did you know how wonderful it was.  If you did not you missed a very fine event.  I believe I have been there every year. (Has it been 10 years?)  My thanks to Amy and Aaron Bishop and all the organizers who worked long hours to make it so successful.  Many thanks to fine volunteers, to potters who made the bowls, to good restaurants that made delicious food (maybe more than any other year) and all others involved in this fine event.

I think the atmosphere was really good.  I can remember years when it seemed I went in, ate my food and left without much social interaction.  This year it seemed more socially interactive.  I believe this is very important, for one purpose of the event is interaction, to bring people together (who might not see each other at other times of the   year). This event I'd call “Community."

But let us not forget what "Empty Bowls" is all about. The official Minnesota picture is of an elderly gentleman, with a bowl of soup and a loaf of bread in front of him, being grateful.  We see this emotional picture hanging in many homes. In many homes worldwide there are millions, no hundred of millions of homes where the bowl remains empty at mealtime. (Very much so even in this so-called bountiful nation of ours.)

Think carefully: what can we do to reduce the number of "empty bowls?"


Harvey Benson