Letter: False charges of racism destructive to relationships

My first experience with serious racism occurred when I was going through Navy boot camp. Very early on, I was assigned to be the leader of a small group who were to clean a shower. One of the black recruits on the team wasn’t with us when we started cleaning. I found him yakking away with folks on another team. I thought he might have been confused when the assignments were given so I asked him if he had missed it and mentioned that he should be with us.

I got the shock of my sheltered almost all-white Minnesota up-bringing. “Oh, I hate you white MFs”, he said “when you sleepin,’ I’m gonna cut your white MF heart out you white MF.” I was stunned. I had never spoken to him before. That was the first of several racist events directed at me during my 30-year military career. I don’t need to go into the gruesome details, but they illustrate the part of racism that no one talks about or discusses. There is black racism. And it is significant. What a surprise.

Despite being one of the most conservative groups in our country overall, black people overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. That’s counter to their beliefs and interests. Not to mention racist.

Racists come in all colors. But racist behavior is now against the law — everywhere and in everything in the U.S. The legal barriers and hurdles have all been torn down. Our country has made incredible progress in improving race relations.

In a world built on reality, we should now be enjoying country-wide racial comity and peace. That’s not what we have though. Because of the great progress, the race-baiters, often led by “intellectuals” seeking or having attained PhDs, have had to invent all sorts of ridiculous and fictitious new categories of racism, the dandiest being 'white privilege,' to justify their “cause” and existence.

Some race-baiters need “racism” to make a comfortable living. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are two. Others get wound up in the sewer of the leftist intellectual world trying to create alternate and fictitious realities. And Obama made it worse.

The constant barrage of charges of racism, bogus as they are, wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have serious negative effects. But they do. The charges serve to make non-whites believe that they are victims of a racist society. I see that in some, though not all, of my minority friends. Some look at almost everything through the prism of their skin color and imagine racism where there isn’t any. Being difficult and unreasonable is somehow turned into somebody else’s racism when, in fact, it is just hard for others to deal with the unpleasant behavior of an occasionally unpleasant person.

In addition, the wild, untrue and ridiculous charges of racism against the vast majority of us who are not racist are aggravating to no end. They are destructive to the extent that they actually create damaging feelings and attitudes that make racial relationships all that much worse. The charges are wearisome, tiresome, and most are just plain false.

Left-wing politicians, not having much to run on, have made these charges a key component in trying to regain power. Except for a coup attempt, already tried, that’s about as loathsome as politics can get. Unbelievably, there are really people who believe this nonsense though I doubt that all who make these outlandish charges believe them.

Somehow that BS is supposed to be helping us. But it is convoluting and damaging.

That a PhD candidate can push this vile nonsense and still be regarded with any seriousness is a sad testimony to the state of our universities and of our country. For all sorts of “reasons,” people won’t like each other. Despite being the only real melting pot on earth that’s ever existed, we will never completely get rid of it. But we keep trying — as we should.

Stan Gudmundson