Letter: Freedom for Loony Tuners

Where does my freedom start/end and where does your freedom start/end?  For some reason this question has been asked a lot lately.  Is it because you want to tell me, a person living in the same country with the same freedoms as you, what I can and can’t do?  Have you lost your senses? 

Three examples come to mind, one in Colorado, one in New York I think and in Kansas. 

There was a baker in Colorado who refused to make and sell a wedding cake for a gay couple.  I lost track of the number of times he had to go to court.  His case was bounced around the state and then to the Supreme Court, I think.  Why?  If he didn’t want to sell a cake and lose money, that should be his business, not yours! 

The other example is Nike and the Betsy Ross flag design for the Fourth of July.  Some overpaid and pampered football player who has less intelligence than 100-year-old dead snail poop on the bottom of the ocean didn’t like it.  The first burden proof of that statement is when he didn’t stand for the United States flag.  I don’t know why Nike didn’t tell him to take the free Nike shoes he has and insert them into a very personal cavity where the sun never shines and the moon never rises.

I think it was in Kansas that a cross was erected in remembrance of World War I veterans.  And then some people had to raise a fuss.  They claimed it was a religious symbol.  So, I’d guess that means that cows should be killed and buried because cows are a religious symbol.  We need to cleanse the world of fish because a fish was a symbol used back in days when Christ walked on earth.  And yes, we need to get rid of the sun because there are those who worship the sun; the sun is a religious symbol.

If I seem like I’m on the “old fart” lingo wagon, it is because I was born in 1939 when people could make a binding agreement with a handshake and the phrase “politically correct” didn’t exist.  Politically correct is another way of saying that I am lying (political means deceitful) through my teeth.  I don’t believe that some males are born and want to be females and vice versa.  I believe more people are coming out of the closet now days because the federal government has decreed it to be illegal to make fun of them, tease them, etc. 

I spent 20 years in the United States Air Force and for what?  I like to think I helped make the world a better and safer place for all, and to my consternation, even the Loony Tuners. 

Dale Schunke,


Tucson, Arizona