Letter: Help support future of children and community with yes vote

Many of you may know me as the chair of the Board of Education for Kingsland Public Schools, but today I am writing to you as a parent, neighbor, friend and district resident. On Nov. 5, voting community members will have the opportunity to support our public school and the education of students, support of staff and be a part of something that helps ensure the success of longevity in rural Minnesota.

By saying yes to education, yes to student educational and social growth, yes to opportunities, yes to securing local employment opportunities and economic growth – you are saying YES you are proud of our communities, proud to call this home and proud to give the same support and opportunity to our children that was graciously given to you during your public school career.

A strong school system in rural Minnesota means the potential to assist in growth, the potential to provide a meaningful experience for students who grow and come back to raise their own families in the very place they called home. This is a cycle that helps our rural community survive; it provides more value to our area which can increase small business opportunities, real estate values, tax bases and most importantly the sense of community that is unmatched.

I ask that you join me in voting YES to Kingsland's operating referendum levy on Nov. 5. The best investment you can make for the future of our rural district is the investment in the individuals that will take our place as leaders, healthcare workers, teachers, servers, farmers – the sky is the limit! Please join me in supporting the future of our children and our community.

Jackie Horsman

Kingsland School District resident