Letter: How Chatfield’s 2020 levy increase compares to other cities

I believe that all of these percentages of final 2020 levy increases have been published in area newspapers.

City of Chatfield 6.38%

City of Spring Valley 5.45%

City of Lanesboro 5.0%

City of Preston 4.57%

City of Austin 4.0%

Fillmore County 3.49%

City of Rushford 3.45%

Houston County 3.0%

City of Plainview 1.7%

City of Wykoff No increase

City of Spring Grove Decrease of $18,000

I called Plainview and was told that the increase was 1.7%. I replied that it was very close to the rate of inflation.  The person replied to me, “That was the goal from day one.”

Recently a citizen of Chatfield told me that many people who voted no to the recent school referendum voted that way because of the excessive tax levy increase by the City of Chatfield.  How unfortunate for the school.

Many city taxpayers have expressed concern about excessive spending, with letters to the editor, emails, phone calls and by way of a large turnout at the December City Council meeting.  Hopefully the mayor and the council members will be more receptive to taxpayer concerns during 2020.

Respectfully submitted,

Lyman Grieve