Letter: It is time for a national moral revival

The last week in June I was on Washington Island to hear Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove speak about reclaiming our moral imagination as people of faith. The forum is an annual event sponsored jointly by the Wisconsin Council of Churches and the Christian Century magazine. I knew it would be a challenging presentation. Wilson-Hartgrove issued a call, a national call for moral revival.

Well versed in the issues of segregation, white supremacy and an economic system developed to make plantations profitable, Wilson-Hartgrove called for a revival of justice especially for the earth and for immigrants and asylum seekers.

When I learned about a demonstration on Tuesday, July 2, outside of Rep. Jim Hagedorn’s office in Rochester, I was ready to take action. Conditions at our southern border are completely unacceptable; treatment of human beings held there is deplorable. At the protest, statements of children and teenagers were read. They spoke of being cold, unable to shower, of being constantly hungry, and of not having enough space to lie down. These conditions warrant our moral outrage. The agenda of the protest had three parts: 1. Close the camps 2. Not one dollar for family detention and deportation 3. Bear witness and reunite families.

I urge you to contact Rep. Hagedorn and ask that he visit these facilities to see for himself. You can also download and print a letter to sign and send to Rep. Hagedorn at MoveOn.org/closethecampsletter. He may also be reached at 202-225-2472. The time is now and the need is urgent.

Pastor Kay Wold




Pastor Wold - I read your article in the bluff country reader - I am quite confused on your opinion. It would seem that you are taking the position of a liberal. The immigration laws our country works with were set by obama not trump - President Trump has tried his hardest to get Congress to change the immigration policy without any help from the democratic controlled house. I am sure the overwhelming problems at the border are horrendous. But Congress will not fix it.
I am hoping you are not taking the position of a liberal - over a million abortions a year, gay marriage, legalized marijuana and many other liberal ideologies are not compatible with my idealogy. A Lutheran minister with a liberal idealogy would ruin all that I have learned