Letter: Kingsland levy information should have been out sooner

Dear editor,

I was very disappointed upon getting the Notification of Election from Kingsland Public Schools on Oct. 22, the day after the levy information meeting on Oct. 21 at 6  p.m. in the Kingsland Public School Cafe. This is probably the reason why there was little turnout. I would also have thought the early voting/absentee ballots beginning Sept. 20 should have been made known much earlier. There is no mention on where to get an absentee ballot or if someone else would be able to pick it up and return it for you if you are working. The district had to have known this information far in advance but chose not to give the public this information soon enough. I feel that the district is very poor in communicating with us!

Many of the people are on fixed incomes and they do not qualify for assistance. Taking another hit is impossible for them. Families do cuts when they are unable to afford things. PRAY and then Vote!


Eleanore Jones


This letter is quite ironic.  It starts out complaining that mailed information arrived too late for a meeting.  Of course, the district  sent out information in many other formats, and spoke at numerous meetings and gatherings for months, including during ag days, but that apparently doesn't count.  The letter ends with an exhortation to PRAY and vote.  Presumably the writer's god doesn't support student learning, so if you pray, you will vote no and briefly save people from a tax increase.  This might work until the state takes over and taxes are raised with no local input.  A short sighted choice to say the least.  But the truly ironic part is that this letter appeared in the November 6 edition of the paper.  The day AFTER the election we were to pray about and vote in.  Perhaps life got busy and the writer inadvertantly sent it out...late.