Letter: Kingsland levy referendum important to entire community

I, Tiffany Mundfrom, am a lifelong resident of Fillmore County and a Kingsland graduate. I work at Mayo Clinic, assist my husband with his construction business and recently I became a licensed realtor with Property Brokers. I have served with Kingsland School Parents and current I proudly serve on the Kingsland School Board as co-chair. Today, however, I write this letter as a supportive parent of three Kingsland students and proud community member. My husband, Eric, and I chose to raise our family here and invest in our community. A community that gave so much to me as a youth growing up.

In November, residents of the Kingsland School District will have an opportunity to invest in future community members, neighbors, business owners; they are our youth. Our Kingsland students need the support of the community to help them grow and learn. The love and support for our youth will encourage them to return to either Spring Valley or Wykoff later on in life with their future families.

I encourage everyone to invest in our kids and their futures, invest in our school and communities by voting yes to the upcoming Kingsland operating levy. Please remember levies are for learning, which means the money does not go into building a new structure. It goes into the classrooms for instructional supplies and helps maintain programs that are important to our kids and communities.

We have fantastic, dedicated teachers and support staff at Kingsland; by voting yes you are also showing your support of them. You are keeping these employees in the community through employment. If this levy fails, many current staff who reside in our communities will be forced to look elsewhere for employment.

By voting yes, we are giving the kids an opportunity to learn and grow right here at Kingsland, where we have a 13:1 licensed teacher to student ratio and 97 percent graduation rate according to MN Report Card.

Again, Nov. 5, the Kingsland district will be asking the voters to approve an operating levy. This is your chance to show your support not only for our youth but also support our community.

I strongly encourage anyone who needs more information about this levy to seek out a board member or administration for facts or more explanation on how this levy will impact the future of Kingsland Public Schools.

Thank you for your consideration,

Tiffany Mundfrom

Kingsland parent