Letter: Kingsland School District needs to be properly funded

In November, those living within the Kingsland School District will be asked to support our school and the children of our district and vote YES for the proposed operating referendum levy. While I do serve as a School Board member, I am writing this as a private citizen, a parent of young children, and a taxpayer of our district.

Our school is a crucial part of our community and its development. Our school is a place where parents, grandparents, and others come to common ground to show support for our students/athletes by cheering them on at a game, watching their music/band concert, attending conferences, etc. Our school in many ways is the center of our community.

Ten years ago, the taxpayers of our district passed an operating levy. For 10 years the district has made things work the best they can with that revenue while everything else that is essential in our personal lives has been affected by inflation. The levy that was passed 10 years ago expires in 2020 and when that occurs, the district no longer has that additional source of revenue to provide the basic educational needs to our students and will quickly go into deficit spending. Operating levies provide critical funds for classrooms, instructional costs and materials, and other school operating costs; it does not allow for the construction of any new buildings.

I believe that an education is essential for a child and as a taxpayer it is my civic duty to help ensure that our school is being properly funded in order for our children to receive the best education that we as taxpayers can give them.

The future of our school is dependent upon this operating levy passing. It is up to us to show the children of our district that we support them and their education. Please take the time to educate yourself about this levy and reach out to those who can help answer any questions that you may have.

Most importantly, I encourage you to vote YES in November!

Thank you for your consideration,

Leah Stier

Parent and taxpayer

Spring Valley