Letter: Open your eyes, ears to life, love and truth

Regarding the letter, “Border wall would protect Americans” Roger Dietrich letter to Reader Dec. 23): Have you ever been to the border and seen the “wall” which is mostly a fence?

In 2002 (yes, they’ve been building it for 20 years already) I went with a group to the border at Sunland Park, New Mexico. We prayed and shared communion there between the 15-foot high fence and a railroad carrying trains full of California and Arizona produce to Texas and points east. Across the fence were hovels as far as I could see, and a few curious people who came near the fence to see what we were doing. Mexicans are small people compared to us, because for generations Americans have become “giants” due to lots of food and good living conditions like clean water.

It is obscene. Such plenty putting up a “wall” — soon to be 30 feet high and opaque — to keep out such poverty.

The drug trade would not exist if Americans didn’t buy the product. Most drugs come in trucks and airplanes and cars and ships, not by “mules.” If we started working for justice in our country, the demand for drugs would go away. The rich would not have to escape their meaningless lives of over-consumption, and the poor would have enough to eat and pay their bills. Real wages have gone down since 2000 (see the article by Sam Pizzigati “next door to yours).”

Life expectancy is going down, but MS13 and the like don’t usually bill citizens, just those they do business with. Inequality is driving this trend.

The people who really don’t want to see single-payer healthcare are the insurance industry. It has been estimated that there is plenty of money already being spent, but the insurance companies’ cut is killing us. Check out Health Care for all New Mexicans.org

The NM Legislature has authorized a feasibility study after 12 years of research. Stay tuned Jan. 15 to Feb. 15 (or March 15 in alternate years) to see the results of the study possibly make it happen for New Mexico.

Human trafficking happens when the lives of children and women are not valued. The cause of this is overpopulation, not bad people. Don’t talk to me about “right to life.” All those Mexicans have the right to life, but no resources to live it with. The best cure for poverty is to have better wages and fewer children.

NAFTA revived Mexico’s domestic economy, in favor of maquiladora, luxury foods for America and poverty for Mexicans. The situation at the border is our fault and a wall just adds insult to injury.

I was raised to believe that all people are created equal, not just Americans, not just those who make money, not just the male gender, not just Catholics or Protestants, not just Caucasians. Do you disagree? Why?

About Congress — it was actually several hundred (over 300, 275 bipartisan, Time magazine Dec. 23) bills passed by the House and ignored by the Senate Since the impeachment inquiry started, I notice that the Senate is letting a few bills through, and Trump is sort of acting presidential by signing them. Just like he released the aid when he got caught using it for leverage.

Trump will never be “exonerated” because he convicted himself out of his own mouth. He will be acquitted, but unless he cheats again, worse than he did last time, he will never be reelected (remember, he lost the 2016 popular vote). Too many people love this country to let that happen.

This is not just politics. The radical right agenda is to take over all three branches of government (they’ve got the high court already), overturn Roe v. Wade and further divide whites from people of color while the 1 percent live like kings, the 10 percent like barons, and the rest fight for the crumbs.

Please, Roger and friends, give up your addiction to right-wing hate speech and lies. Open your eyes and ears to life and love and truth. Turn off your media and talk with your non-right neighbors. They might tell you the truth.

Alima Fairchild