Letter: President’s actions indefensible

Roger, Roger (Dietrich), why can’t you get it through your head that the Mueller investigation did not find Trump innocent? They only declined to indict him because the law says they can’t indict a sitting president, and therefore the committee declined to speak to actual guilt. They did not find Trump innocent.

And the current impeachment process is proceeding, and finding more and more officials who are aware of Trump’s unconstitutional and uncivilized and mostly un-American activities.

Dream on, alt-right. Your slimy “hero” is not doing anything for this country, and whether he is impeached or not, he can’t win in 2020 without further subverting the democratic process, as he did in 2016.

You are defending the indefensible actions of a man more closely allied to the Russian oligarchs than to the American people.

Wake up!

P.S. National Public Radio is an unbiased news source. Please listen to them carefully and stop repeating the lies of FOX news, etc.

Alima C. Fairchild