Letter: Re: Americans are better off….

To the editor:

I am so tired of reading and refuting the ignorance and blatant lies of Roger Dietrich’s letters.

Hate speech has no place in public discourse. It’s one thing to object to the actions of politicians. But to continue stirring up hatred for non-right leaders and candidates is an attempt to short-circuit any real dialogue about actual facts, any cooperation in leadership between people of good will in both parties.

The behavior of the president is indefensible. By constantly talking about “swamp creatures,” “lying Hillary,” a “do-nothing Congress,” and the like, by claiming that the record stock prices equal fair wages for the masses, and that the Democrats can’t do effective foreign policy, Dietrich totally disrespects the American people, the majority that favors honest government, and anyone who criticizes Trump.

It seems that he gets more long-winded, without presenting any new facts supporting his position, which in fact is indefensible, based on hatred of the democratic process and lies denying generally accepted facts.

Facts like, 1) real wages are lower than they were 20 years ago; 2) It takes two incomes to support a family, so parents have to farm out the raising of their young children to overworked, underpaid day care workers and become wage slaves; 2 1/2) Farmers are going broke by the hundreds; 3) The Senate has joined Trump in blocking any effective legislation passed by the House. (It isn’t 400 “bad bills,” it’s Mitch McConnell). 4) Name calling doesn’t help anyone’s position, only reinforcing the discredited party line that everybody is wrong except Trump, our Little General in training. Does Dietrich really want a dictator running this country?

Do you have to keep printing his ugly, ignorant and hateful screeds?

Alima Fairchild