Letter: Trump able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

I feel like I might burst if I have to read another president-bashing letter in this paper or any other paper, so in order to relieve the pressure (because there is sure more to come) and to avoid the mess a burst would create (3XL) and at the risk of offending friends and neighbors, I take pen to hand.

If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, I believe you shouldn’t say anything at all, except in politics. Referring to the duly elected president of the United States as “slimy” is a freedom given to us by our country’s founders in our Constitution; often defended by our military personnel; veterans past and present.

I’m grateful President Trump has helped our economy, started by Obama yes, but greatly expanded in three years. Can you say record all-time high stock markets?

I’m glad that unemployment for everyone is at a historic low in the great new Trump era. I’m happy that President Trump is standing up against illegal immigration, kind of like Obama before him, except he is actually doing it.

Too bad more Democrats do not hop on board with this now because if the border was totally secure, I think that the innocent children caught in the middle would have a better chance avoiding the misery and injustice they suffer.

Think of all the drug and human traffickers that could be stopped if there was more bipartisanship in Congress on this issue alone.

I’m also glad that Trump’s Administration is seating all these (150?) empty chief justice seats that Obama had his chance to.

President Donald Trump has rolled back restrictive regulations and opened up valuable government land for resources, energy and pipelines to help make America more self sufficient and great again.

It’s great to see an end in sight to this 18-year-old war in the Middle East. Hard business, not just anyone could do this. Recently we have killed ISIS leaders and withdrawn from Syria under Trump’s direction. They can fight amongst themselves for as long as they want, as far as I am concerned. The world war on terror will not be over soon or ever, but it’s not here now. That’s important.

We could talk about lower taxes, higher wages, draining the swamp; these are facts, as a matter of fact I couldn’t list all that Donald J. Trump has done for this country in the space allowed. How about those tariffs he has imposed; they seem to be taking a positive effect. Nothing unconstitutional, uncivilized or un-American about it.

Democrats need to build a platform of sticks and stones to stand on, name-calling does no harm. So far they don’t have a candidate that can beat our esteemed president. They don’t even have an agenda or platform that can beat Donald Trump. Free government-funded health care for all? We’ve already tried that. It’s unaffordable unless someone can pull a rabbit from a hat or trillions of dollars from millions of pockets.

The Green New Deal? Yeah, that’d be great, but get real though. A thousand dollars a month for everyone … really? From who to who or is it from whom? Socialism … that works! I’m pretty sure the Russians are going to trick me into voting for Trump again. Try calling the president of a socialist country "slimy."

And possibly even again in 2024, you never know; stranger things can happen, we can only hope! Impeach the greatest president since Lincoln?! What has he done wrong? Nothing. Everything is perfect. Donald Trump is doing the things he said he would when he campaigned in 2016. He was lawfully elected on his promises and is trying hard to keep them. President Donald Trump is strong, brave, and wise. He’s not a career politician, either; he’s been a successful business man. That’s what America needs at a time when we need it the most. Any lesser person would have crumbled under the kind of criticism, pressure and scrutiny he has endured in his presidency so far. The Democrats are still having a hard time swallowing that three years later.

Fake Impeachment is all they have, a dirty witch hunt that will fail them, quite possibly to their demise in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate again. Yes, wake up and smell the coffee.

PS: NPR is only less biased than the fake news media. I know because I listen carefully. Mark Levin and Shawn Hannity seem to be the most truthful. Oh what a relief. No response needed or wanted.

Russell D. Gerard

Spring Grove