Letter: Trump really does need help

The letter from Roger Dietrich (Sept. 30 Reader) of LeRoy says Trump needs another term to clean out the swamp. The last thing I read about the swamp, it had become bigger and is infested with corrupt billionaires just like Trump; a lot of them were picked by Trump.

Roger seems to think Trump needs help in the next election; he is probably right about that statement. I just saw Trump’s approval rating fell to 37 percent. I doubt even with the Republicans’ gerrymandering, moving voting places and other things they have done to depress the vote, that Trump would win.

Roger says the Mueller report was a waste of money. In Mueller’s report he said Trump and his campaign welcomed Russia’s election interference and Trump and several allies repeatedly lied to cover it up. Mueller concluded that the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 election is among the most serious challenges to our democracy. He found 10 possible acts of obstruction of justice. He also stated that if he didn’t think Trump had committed a crime he would have said so. Then Trump and Putin have a meeting when the press tells Trump to ask Putin about interference. So he does, then they both laugh. Trump takes Putin’s word over our intelligence. What a wonderful president. It seems now that Republicans in federal government just brush this off, but I see some states are taking it on by their own officials.

Roger talks about our bias and fake news. I guess if you were a Trump lover like Roger it would seem that way after the press has corrected 12,000 lies Trump has told us. I just saw him yesterday denying two statements he said. Then the news brought it up on clips of him saying them; that would be fake and bias, right Roger? I guess it would be hard to write positive news about someone that tells us that many lies.

Now Roger mentions the fact that the Mueller report cost $32 million, what an outrage. It looks like money well spent compared to some things. I just read an article that said Trump has spent upwards of $100 million of taxpayer money on 200 plus golf outings to his properties. He wants to have the G7 meeting next year at his Florida golf course and countless executives and foreign government leaders stay at his lavish hotels to garnish favors. So Trump is filling his pockets like a bank robber in a vault full of cash, only this is our tax money. He keeps us looking the other way by all the scandals he is creating. This makes the Mueller report look like a bargain, doesn’t it?

Then Roger shows us six things the Democrats haven’t done. Maybe Roger needs to brush up on how this works. When you have a Republican controlled Senate and Mitch McConnell in charge, he can and does block all legislation coming from the House. Democrats say he is running a legislation graveyard, but he fast tracks federal judges appointed by Trump. It’s over 150 now. What a perfect man to choose our judges, the most unlawful president in U.S. history. Maybe that’s one reason Dems are pushing for impeachment because that’s one thing McConnell can’t block.

I think McConnell should take a look at Minnesota government and see how it works. I saw our governor talk about bills that they passed. They talk and compromise until they got them through. Nobody got everything they wanted. A lot different than McConnell’s statement that Republicans don’t compromise.  

I see the Washington Post now has recorded 12,000 lies by Trump. Just so someone doesn’t say I didn’t state one, I will tell two of his biggest ones. No. 1 is he would never lie to us. No. 2 is that he would not profit from the presidency. I am sure that he has profited more than any president in history and possibly more than all our presidents combined. I hope someone can look that up. It would be very interesting.

Hang in there. We only have 13 months to go.

Wayne Stephas




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